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Spotify Report: Indian Content Creators Use Audio To Destress



spotify report on audio - the reelstars

A new study by Spotify India, titled “Audio: Where Creators Come To Pause,” sheds light on the challenges faced by India’s thriving content creation community and their unique coping mechanisms. The research, conducted across three major cities – Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru – surveyed over 200 creators and included in-depth interviews with 30 individuals.

Constant Content Creation Takes A Toll

The findings paint a picture of a passionate yet pressure-filled world. Moreover, Nearly 80% of respondents reported experiencing significant stress or pressure at least once a week. This pressure stems from a multitude of factors, including the constant need to keep up with changing algorithms, the emotional toll of negative feedback, and the physical demands of creating content.

Creators Use Audio to Destress

Interestingly, the study also reveals a powerful tool for managing these pressures: audio. Over half (50%) of the creators surveyed use music as a coping mechanism. However, with 70% agreeing that audio – including music, podcasts, audiobooks, and even guided meditations – plays a crucial role in their well-being. For many, audio serves as a source of inspiration, a mood booster, and a way to manage stress and anxiety. Actor and comedian Mallika Dua perfectly captures this sentiment, stating, “Music is a big part of self-care and my way to gain inner peace. It’s like a person who is always with me in my room, making sure I never feel alone.”

The research also highlights a gender and age disparity in stress levels. Female creators and those between the ages of 30-45 reported feeling stressed. Furthermore, more frequently compared to their male and younger counterparts. Besides, This underscores the need for more targeted support systems within the creator community.

While audio emerges as a powerful self-care tool, the study also identifies a gap in access to professional mental health resources. Nearly half of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with their current coping mechanisms. Furthermore, yearning for “inclusive and accessible support tools like therapy and counselling.”

A Place Where Creators Can Come To Pause: Spotify India

Recognizing this need, Spotify aims to bridge the gap by positioning itself as a “place where creators can come to pause.” Their efforts include collaborating with mental health experts and hosting on-ground sessions to equip creators. Moreover, with the resources they need to navigate the pressures of their profession.

The Spotify study offers valuable insights into the mental well-being of India’s content creators. It highlights the challenges they face, the power of audio as a coping mechanism. However, the need for more comprehensive support systems. By acknowledging these realities, Spotify positions itself as a potential ally in the journey towards. Moreover, a healthier and more sustainable content creation ecosystem.

Anusuya, a Bengali girl in Bengaluru, is an experienced content specialist with a passion for writing compelling articles & blogs while crafting engaging social media posts & website copy. Currently a content manager, she thrives on being hands-on in the creative process. When not meeting deadlines, she enjoys Pinterest-planning her next trips; to explore new cities and immerse herself in local cultures, especially local food. Is it any wonder she chose a degree in Travel & Tourism?


Dr. Ashu Jain: Meet the Fitness Freak Granny



Dr. Ashu Jain: Meet the Fitness Freak Granny - The Reelstars

Have you ever met a grandma who loves to work out? Meet Dr. Ashu Jain, a fitness freak granny, popularly known as ‘Not Just A Grandma‘ on Instagram. She goes hiking regularly and is a content creator with an inspired fanbase of 178K followers. She shares her fitness journey and inspires millions of people on social media. Dr Jain holds a PhD in IIT-D (Nanotechnology) and is a 56-year-old grandmother based in Dehradun. 

How she got started with fitness

In an interview, Dr. Ashu talked about how she got started with fitness at the age of 54. She started disliking herself when she looked at her pictures after her trip with her husband; she had gained much weight. This made her realise that she needed to do something about it, and her fitness journey began.

Ashu started by consulting her doctor, and after multiple tests, the doctor told her that it was because of hypertension, high cholesterol, and menopause. Her doctor gave her two options: either be on medication lifelong or change your lifestyle. She chose to be fit by changing her lifestyle. Exercise was the first suggestion by her doctor; due to the pandemic, the only option was to walk it out. On the first walk, she stopped every couple of minutes. She felt like giving up, but she pushed herself harder because she did not want to go on medicines for the rest of her life. After 8 months, she completed a 22.5-kilometer walk without getting tired and started eating healthy food. Soon, she started noticing her transformation and fell in love with the person she looked in the mirror. Even her daughter was inspired looking at her, she said in one of her interviews.

In an interview with Humans Of Bombay, she talks about her MIL’s reaction. When Ashu reached home one day, her mother-in-law said, ‘Iss umar mai ye sab karegi toh haddiya tut jayegi’. To that, she said, ‘Iss umar mai nahi karungi toh haddiya bachengi hi nahi!’ Her body pain had started reducing, and her doctor couldn’t recognize her and said to her that she looked very healthy. 

From working out to creating content

Dr. Ashu Jain shares content based on everything she does to stay fit. She often shares her hiking experiences, embracing nature. She loves making hiking reels and also does a voice-over sharing her experiences. After the pandemic, she became a gym freak, and now has a trainer to guide her. She also loves filming gym videos while exercising. Eating healthy is her mission for a healthy lifestyle; she shares those healthy recipes in her videos too. Grandmother Ashu also shares cute little story videos with her grandchild. Her content is diverse in nature filled with her real-life experiences.

Ashu Jain is truly an inspiration and is proof that it’s never too late to start a fitness routine.

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Popular Doctor Influencers on Instagram



Doctor Influencers-The Reelstars

Several doctors and healthcare professionals are using social media platforms to share medical knowledge, health tips, and insights into their daily lives these days. They aim to educate the public, debunk medical myths, and promote healthy lifestyles. These health influencers leverage their medical expertise to provide valuable information while also making it engaging and accessible to a broad audience.

Let’s take a look at some popular doctor influencers who create engaging and valuable content, blending their medical expertise with creativity and relatability.

Dr. Imran S Patel

Instagram: 6.4M followers

Dr. Imran S. Patel is a Consultant Paediatrician with over 12 years of experience. He has worked at various children’s and neonatal hospitals and currently runs the Asian Children Hospital in Vastral, Ahmedabad. Dr. Patel has gained a significant following on social media by sharing his expertise in child healthcare. He won the hearts of millions with his videos of singing rhymes to infants while administering injections, a unique approach that puts both parents and children at ease. Dr. Patel effectively uses his platform to educate and engage with parents, making pediatric healthcare knowledge accessible and interesting. His efforts help bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the public, promoting a better understanding of child health and wellness.

Dr. Tanaya Narendra

Instagram: 1.8M followers

Dr. Tanaya Narendra, also known as “Dr. Cuterus,” is a well-known influencer specializing in gynaecology and reproductive health. She is an internationally trained medical doctor and best-selling author who has gained a significant following on social media for her approachable and informative content. Dr. Narendra shares detailed and accessible information on various aspects of reproductive health, including menstrual health, contraception, and fertility. She provides comprehensive sex education, covering topics such as safe sex practices, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and consent.

Dr. Richa Negi

Instagram: 250K followers

Dr. Richa Negi is a Mumbai-based dermatologist who has gained popularity on Instagram for her dance moves. She gained widespread attention after a video of her dancing in a PPE kit to the song “Garmi” during the COVID-19 pandemic went viral. Dr. Negi is admired for her ability to balance her medical career with her passion for dance, and her engaging content resonates with a broad audience.

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Instagram: 546K followers

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava is a renowned Mumbai-based ketogenic diet expert, celebrity advisor, and influencer known for his expertise in nutrition and fitness. He is a co-founder of Food Darzee, a health and nutrition company. He uses his social media platforms to share insights on health, fitness, and wellness. Dr. Bhargava’s content helps bridge the gap between medical knowledge and practical application, making it easier for people to adopt healthier lifestyles. His videos are intriguing and knowledgeable and debunk common medical myths.

Dr. Manali Tiwari

Instagram: 113K followers

Dr. Manali Tiwari is a Lucknow-based endodontist and content creator. She is a favorite among moms and mommy bloggers on social media for her great sense of humour and relatable, funny videos. Dr. Tiwari creates content about the daily life of a mother and her struggles, resonating with a broad audience and providing a light-hearted take on parenting.

Keep reading The Reelstars for more!

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Influencers Who Tackle The PCOD and PCOS Conversation



Top Influencers Raising Awareness About PCOD and PCOS: Empowering Women Worldwide - The Reelstars

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) are common hormonal disorders affecting women of childbearing age. PCOS, a condition where women may not ovulate, have elevated androgen levels, and multiple small cysts on the ovaries, lead to missed or irregular menstrual periods, excess hair growth, acne, infertility, and weight gain. On the other hand, PCOD involves the ovaries producing immature or partially mature eggs in large numbers, eventually forming cysts.

Amidst these challenges, numerous influencers are emerging as champions for natural remedies and lifestyle changes to manage and potentially reverse PCOD and PCOS. These influencers share their journeys, tips, and insights on living healthier lives, providing hope and practical solutions to millions of women worldwide. 

Top influencers to admire for PCOS and PCOD:

Asiya Ali @pcos.dietition.asiyaali

Instagram followers: 101K

Asiya Ali is a certified dietician, and PCOS coach specialized in infertility and weight loss. Having treated over 10K happy clients diagnosed with this condition, you can trust Asiya for advice on managing your diet and lifestyle for better health and well-being.

Her team works with clients to create personalised diet and lifestyle plans for their body type and health condition. Their team of trained dieticians has years of experience helping patients with PCOS. Be it hair loss, irregular periods, infertility, or weight management, they provide a diet plan for your everyone. Her content talks all about solving PCOS issues naturally. 

Nidhi Singh @pcosclubindia

Instagram followers: 43.2K

Pcos Club India is an initiative by Nidhi Singh to build communication to solve the PCOS issue being a nutritionist. Nidhi also has her podcast, ‘Pcos and You,’ for newly diagnosed or living with PCOS for years. The PCOS and “You” podcast is dedicated to empowering and educating women with PCOS. Her content is about healthy recipes suitable for PCOS, lifestyle and food habits, and tips to manage your lifestyle with PCOS. She has also been featured in CNN News and The Hindu.

Roshni Chandrasekar @pcos.cysterly_health

Instagram followers: 73.1K

Roshni Chandrasekar is a PCOS coach and a certified Nutritionist from Stanford. She is the founder of Cysterly Health, a global PCOS wellness company. Be it weight loss, conceiving, lean PCOS, or thyroid, she has helped 5,000+ clients reverse PCOS naturally. Her content talks about healthy hair care, client transformations, food habits, and many other topics related to PCOS. Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, she helps women across the globe manage and reverse PCOS naturally.

Krati Agarwal @digitalyogawith_krati

Instagram followers: 26.9K

Krati Agarwal is an experienced and passionate Yoga Instructor with more than four years of experience in this field. She is also a therapeutic yoga coach and helps her clients deal with PCOS, PCOS, infertility, thyroid, and obesity. She completed her master’s in Yoga from Patanjali. She also loves to dance. 

Being a Yoga expert, Krati specializes in the Yogic diet. She also makes videos on asanas for PCOS and PCOD. 

Anusha Rodrigues @nextdoornutritionist

Instagram followers: 270K

Anusha Rodrigues is a clinical dietitian. Anusha can help you reverse PCOS naturally, weight loss, diabetes, and thyroid.

Anusha completed Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics. With a 9 years of experience as a Nutritionist, she has helped more than 2500 clients to heal naturally with a healthy diet and lifestyle. For all the tips related to PCOS, follow Anusha to stay updated and improve your lifestyle naturally. As a diet expert, he has collaborated with many food brands like Food Darzee, Farm Made, Sprng Farm and Chic Nutrix. 

Follow these PCOS and PCOD experts to improve your lifestyle and reverse your health issues holistically. 

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