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Food Content Creators Who Share Delicious Bengali Dishes!



food content creators

Bengali food has many mouth-watering dishes that will leave you in awe. Especially sweet dishes like rasgulla, bhapa doi, chum chum, ras-malai, and the list goes on. There is a never-ending craving for Bengali dishes. Your Bengali food content creators search comes to an end because we’ve got you covered with best ones right here!

Let’s dive deep into the journey of Bengali food bloggers:

Bong Eats – bongeats

Instagram followers: 202K

YouTube subscribers: 1.58M

Saptarshi Chakraborty and Insiya Poonawala run Bonng Eats. They love making videos for Instagram and YouTube on Kolkata Cuisines. Furthermore, They cook traditional Bengali recipes prepared at home and the most loved recipes of myriad streets, cabins, and restaurants in the city. They share their love for shorshe ilish, chingri malai curry, and mishti doi. 

Bong Eats came into existence in November 2016 as a side project while. However, we pursued our tech and book publishing careers, respectively. Saptarshi Chakraborty and Insiya Poonawala taught themselves video production—from scratch to shooting, lighting, editing, colour grading, sound design, branding, and promotion.
In 2021, they quit their full-time jobs because Bong Eats needed more time and attention than ever.
They make Bengali home-style family recipes. They love to convert recipes into easy steps so that anyone can make them with any level of skill and can master them, too.
Bong Eats is passionate about different food elements. However, from procuring and processing ingredients to cooking them to the social, political. cultural significance culinary habits have on societies and communities.

Bong Eats Bagla is another channel where they post recipes in their love language, Bengali –  their mother tongue.

Binita Das – __justanothercook__

Binita Das- the reel stars

Instagram followers: 173K

YouTube subscribers: 4.08K

Binita Das is an engineering student following her dream of becoming a passionate chef/food editor. She is a self-taught cook who has given her all to cooking and baking.
Binita has been making food video content for the past year on different social media platforms. She claims that Making food look good, relatable, and aesthetically pleasing is her topmost priority. She is hungry to know more about different types of cuisines and create something new and exciting out of it.

Binita is a Kolkata-based home chef who loves to cook homely Bengali meals. From cooking some restaurant-style fancy and delicious Golda Chingr Malaikari 🦞 to yummy Pithe Puli to mouth watering Roasted Chicken Chilli to a lot more flavours of Bengal. 

She also has an Amazon affiliate marketing link wherein she recommends products she uses. However, she gets a commission if people buy products from that link. 

Riya D – hyangla_bibi

Instagram followers: 90.2K

YouTube subscribers: 1.11K

Riya D is a Kolkata-based food content creators and Home Chef. Her mission is to teach you how to “Cook-Easy.” 

She is an Engineer by profession and a Culinary Artist by passion. She believes in, “Living by own in the city of joy, in”. 

From unique and fusion Bengali dishes like Lichur Payesh, Chingri Bata. Furthermore, Macher Dim Bhaja to Mangsher Jhol, Posho Diye Alu Bhaja and Chire Aam Doi. Moreover, she brings Bengali food content creators to your plate. Follow Chef Riya D for lip-smacking recipes!

Arpita Das – weekend_flavours_

Arpita Das - the reel stars

Instagram followers: 303K

YouTube subscribers: 6.28K

If Bengali food excites you and makes you feel hungry, you should definitely follow Arpita Das. If you are crazy about cooking delicacies, you’ll fall in love with “Weekend _Flavours by Arpita Das.”

Arpita is a Professional Painter and Foodie. By birth she is an Indian, Now living in Singapore. She loves sharing her knowledge of cooking, which is simple and innovative, showcased on ‘Weekend_Flavours.’

Do you wish to try out new bengali recipes or want some entertainment? Then you should definitely subscribe to Weekend Flavours YouTube channel and follow weekend_flavours on Instagram. Her detailed videos show the ingredients and instructions with the detailed cooking process. Check her profile for mouthwatering recipes!

Arpita Das is a Singapore-based Bengali Chef and cooking is therapy for her. What could be a better love language than your mother tongue? She creates most of her high-quality video recipes in Bengali. As a non-vegetarian food fan, as she loves cooking it too. The way she plates those lip-smacking dishes made by her looks tempting even to vegetarians. 

The Bong Gastronomist – the_bong_gastronomist

Instagram followers: 210K

YouTube subscribers: 28.6K

The Bong Gastronomist - the reel stars

Subham and Tulika run The Bong Gastronomist, Your friendly neighborhood foodies with a tagline- Live life food size!

They are home chefs exploring the beautiful cities of Kolkata and Howrah. 

They cook dishes like Kolkata Style  Chicken Biryani, Classic Bengali Fried Rice with Chicken Kosha, Borhani / Burhani – A spicy yogurt-based cooler, Thakur Barir Ranna – Niramish Kofta Pulao, March er Dim er Bora. Furthermore, Fritters made using Fish Eggs from freshwater fishes like Katla or Rui and much more. However, They make short videos with easy-to-cook recipes. 

They had collaborated with Spencer Retail, where you can purchase fresh ingredients for cooking amazing Bengali recipes.

Check here:

Which recipe are you trying today?

Muskaan Valecha is a newbie journalist who loves to write poetry and explore different genres of content including entertainment, lifestyle, food and more. She is also studying for a law degree.

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Home Bakers Teaching Baking Tricks On Social Media



Home Bakers Teaching Flavourful Desserts - The Reelstars

Home bakers on Instagram are revolutionizing dessert making by sharing expert tips, tricks, and delicious recipes. Balancing the challenges of running a baking business with content creation, they inspire followers with their engaging and flavorful desserts.

Top Home Bakers and Content Creators:

Mohena Ahluwalia @onceuponacakepune

Instagram followers: 68.5K 

Mohena Ahluwalia, popularly known as Cakewali Didi, is from Pune. She is a cake expert who is professionally trained in vegan and gluten-free baking. For healthy baking workshops, Cakewali Didi is the best baker. From diabetic-friendly breads to gluten-free cakes to healthy cookies, rajgira pista cookies to jowar lemon cookies, and much more.

Her story of becoming a baker is nothing less than a movie script. Coming from a computer genius family and getting a master’s Degree from Monash University Australia, Mohena always wanted to do something to show her creative side.

The simple joy of seeing a broad smile on a friend’s face after biting into one of her homemade delicacies is when she decided to start. She enrolled in the Lotus School of Cake Decorating Arts in Pune for a one-year course in Professional Cake Decorating. Since then Mohena has worked hard to spread the sweetness across Pune.

Here is a Healthy dessert recipe by her:

Saloni Mehta @pastrybysaloni

Instagram followers: 400K

Saloni Mehta is a vegan, dairy-free, and eggless home baker. She teaches unique vegan recipes, such as Oreo magnum bars, no-bake strawberry crunch cheesecake, red velvet marble loaf cake, peach crumb cheesecake, banana sheet cake, cinnamon sugar croissant loaf, and many more dessert recipes. 

Saloni has also written a book on vegan baking, ‘Vegan Baking Made Simple.’ 

Namrata Sanwal @pastrychefnam

Instagram followers: 166K

Namrata Sanwal is a recipe developer, baking mentor, and consultant. She is a trained chef with 9 years of experience in diverse culinary roles. She is one of Instagram’s first baking science content creator. 

Namrata merges pastry science and art to make baking easy. She started her baking journey because she used to love eating desserts as a kid. She started experimenting and cooking with her mom at home. She studied at Delhi University when she realized her calling was baking. Completing her hospitality management course, she has been trained with brands like JW Marriott and ITC hotels. 

After completing the course, during placement interviews, she was selected as a kitchen management trainee (specialising in bakery) at The Park Hotels. She worked for a couple of years until she was promoted to bakery kitchen executive (assistant manager). From then on, Namrata worked in various bakeries across France and has helped many bakeries and baking-related brands with creativity, content, menu planning, etc.

Here is a recipe by her:

Roshni Shukla @snfcakes

Instagram followers: 26.8K

Roshni Shukla is a baker and a cake artist. She started Sugar and Flour Bakes Bangalore in 2015. All those things she has exploded into baking, but her true passion landed in buttercream flowers.

2020 was a memorable year for Roshni because she won various cake competitions, conducted her first online classes, and was declared one of the top 10 bakers in India and Bangalore.

Buttercream design by her:

Ishleen Kaur @pastrybysaloni

Instagram followers: 140K

Ishleen Kaur is a cake artist based in Patna. She owns an eggless designer cake boutique specializing in Wedding Cakes. She creates impressive giant wedding cakes, which are mind-blowing. She is an educator and tricks and recipes from her baking journey. She also uses fondant to create unique shapes and designs on the cake to make it beautiful. 

Here is a cupcake icing hack by her:

These are some amazing and creative home bakers who are giving their best to their business and content creation journey. Follow them to support them and learn easy hacks for making cakes. 

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From Food Show Champion to Butter Chicken King: Saransh Goila



chef saransh goila - the reelstars

Do you consider yourself a butter chicken connoisseur? Can you sniff out a truly exceptional rendition from a pale imitation a mile away? If so, then you’ve likely crossed paths with the culinary genius behind one of India’s most beloved comfort foods – Saransh Goila. But Goila’s more than just a butter chicken extraordinaire; he’s a food creator who’s taken his passion for exploration and deliciousness to a whole new level.

Intrigued? Dive into the world of Saransh Goila, where reality TV stardom meets epic road trips, international adventures collide with a love for local flavors, and a single, iconic dish becomes a nationwide phenomenon.

From beginning with Sanjeev Kapoor’s approval to being on MasterChef Australia

Goila’s story began in 2010 when he emerged victorious on the prestigious Food Food Maha Challenge, a show judged by culinary legend Sanjeev Kapoor. This win was just the first course in a multi-course meal of achievements. He donned the chef’s hat again on shows like Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Khiladi, showcasing his skills to a wider audience.

But Goila craved not just competition, but connection. In 2012, he embarked on an epic 100-day road trip across India, documented in the show “Roti Rasta aur India.” This wasn’t your average sightseeing tour. Goila delved into the heart of rural villages, meeting families and learning the secrets of their regional cuisines. Every twist and turn on the road became a culinary lesson, a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors that defines Indian food.

Fueled by his travel experiences, Goila’s wanderlust extended beyond borders. His web series “The Spice Traveller” took him to Great Britain, where he explored the unique culinary landscape of that country. This insatiable curiosity to discover new tastes translated beautifully into another web series, “Run to Eat.” Here, Goila combined his love for travel and food, exploring the world on foot, one delicious bite at a time.

Goila’s influence transcended national boundaries in 2018. He was invited as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia, a prestigious platform where he introduced the contestants (and the audience) to his take on the iconic butter chicken. Here, he wasn’t just judging a dish; he was sharing a piece of Indian culinary heritage.

From Starting Goila Butter Chicken in 2016 to Reaching 100 Outlets in 2024!

Goila’s passion wasn’t limited to the screen. In 2016, his dream materialized in the form of “Goila Butter Chicken,” a Mumbai-based restaurant dedicated to his signature dish. The restaurant’s success resonated with food lovers across India, and Goila witnessed his creation become a national favorite. Recently, the brand reached a remarkable milestone – 100 outlets! This exponential growth is a testament to Goila’s ability to elevate a seemingly simple dish into a culinary phenomenon.

Saransh Goila is more than a chef; he’s a storyteller. Through his shows, restaurants, and social media presence, he bridges the gap between regional specialties and global palates. He isn’t just serving food; he’s serving an experience, a journey through the vibrant and ever-evolving world of Indian cuisine. As Goila continues to explore and innovate, one thing remains constant: his dedication to sharing the magic of Indian food with the world, one delicious bite at a time. Follow him for some great recipes! (But he’s probably never going to share how he really makes the most delicious butter chicken you’ll ever have!)

For now, try this easy recipe from this foodie extraordinaire:

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#FitterBanegaIndia: Healthy Food Challenge for 180-days




Revant Himatsingka aka @foodpharmer is collaborating with @fittrwithjc Fitter Banega India for the next 6 months of 2024. Jitendra Chowksey is the founder of Fittr, a health and fitness company. Furthermore, while Revant educates his 2.6 million insta-fam on healthy eating practices with a humorous touch. Moreover, They’ve joined hands for a healthy food challenge to get fit together this year!

Revant launched Fitter Banega India on 1 July 2024, to continue for the next 180 days of the year.

Revant and Jitendra encourage Indians to participate in this challenge by posting stories and reels on their Instagram handles. Similarly, with #FitterBanegaIndia and #SustainableFitness for the next 6 months, i.e., 180 days until January 1st, 2025.

Food Pharmer says, “I don’t believe in crazy diets and scary workouts. I believe in SUSTAINABLE FITNESS.” 

According to studies, 50% of Indians are unfit and only go for a walk as a workout. However, so here are the 4 sustainable fitness habits that they are encouraging us to follow:

1) Motion- 6000-8000 steps daily and 30 minutes of strength training 4 days a week. 

2) Nutrition- Balanced diet with protein in every meal.

3) Hydration- 3 liters of water daily.

4) Rest- 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

They encourage the participants to post stories or reels of them following these 4 sustainable fitness habits and tag them. They’ll reshare the stories and videos to encourage them with #SustainableFitness and #FitterBanegaIndia.

They are on a mission to get fitter sustainably for the next 6 months! Moreover, Are you planning on getting fit with them?

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