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Brown Beauty Creators Every Brown Girl Needs to Follow



Brown Beauty Creators Every Brown Girl Needs to Follow - The Reelstars

Embrace your beauty with these inspiring beauty creators every brown girl should follow. In a world where fair skin tones previously dominated, these influencers celebrate and empower brown beauty, promoting self-acceptance and confidence in your own skin.

Top Brown Beauty Creators: 

Debasree Banerjee @debasreee

Instagram followers: 300K

Debasree Banerjee is a beauty influencer who is in love with graphic liners. Debasree is also a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. 

This beauty and lifestyle blogger is based in Assam. Her videos ring around cosmetics, beauty, and lifestyle, answering all of your inquiries regarding skincare and covering all the “unspoken beauty” topics.

Debasree is also the founder of #debasree, a cosmetic brand with co-founder Nikita Nariani. This gender-neutral company offers clean beauty products that are vegan and cruelty-free. 

She was recently seen flaunting her babymoon reels:

Here is a makeup trend she demonstrates:

Arshia Moorjani @arshiamoorjani

Instagram followers: 475K

Arshia Moorjani is an Indian-American brown beauty influencer currently based in New York. Her content is focused on beauty products that work beautifully on brown skin tones. She also loves sharing content based on lifestyle, fashion, and motherhood. 

Arshia studied Fashion Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology while working side by side in the fashion industry. Previously, she worked as a makeup artist at Sephora and MAC. Eventually, she dropped out of college but continued her career in fashion corporate before switching to Cosmopolitan India as an Editor.

During her journey at Cosmopolitan India, she wondered if there was a lack of South Asian content creators who focused on beauty, and she decided to fill that void. 

Here are some brown skin tone-friendly lipsticks:

Sathya Priya @sathyapriya_mua

Instagram followers: 63.6K

Sathya Priya is a brownie makeup artist who believes in enhancing herself the way she is. Be it anything and everything in the makeup and beauty industry, Sathya Priya loves it. She creates unfiltered, dusky makeup videos, which gives more confidence to the brown skin tone girlies. 

If you need a chic look with accurate finishing, Sathya Priya is one of the best MUAs to follow. She can help you look mind-blowing and Instagram-ready. 

Here is a makeup tutorial by her:

Susmitha @brown_girl_susmitha

Instagram followers: 161K

Susmitha is truly an inspiration for brown-skinned girls because she believes in adoring herself the way she is. She is based in Hanamkonda, Telengana. 

Suggesting the best makeup products for dusky skin tones and demonstrating all those products on her skin is what her content talks about. She creates terrific high-quality makeup tutorials with some fantastic products suiting your beautiful dusky skin.

Here are some brown lip oil swatches by her:

These brown beauty creators are here to motivate you and help you shine in your skin tone. Every brown girl must follow these renowned brown beauty creators.

Muskaan Valecha is a newbie journalist who loves to write poetry and explore different genres of content including entertainment, lifestyle, food and more. She is also studying for a law degree.


World’s First AI Beauty Pageant Queen, “Miss AI,” is Kenza Leyli!



World's First AI Beauty Pageant Queen, "Miss AI," is Kenza Leyli - The Reelstars

Hijabi lady Kenza Leyli is an AI activist and influencer who won the world’s first “Miss AI” title. She was one among the top 10 out of 1500 AI-generated models worldwide.

Kenza Leyli is crowned as “Miss AI” followed by the first and second runner up i.e. Lalina from France and Olivia C from Portugal, respectively.

Miss AI Beauty Pageant

The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs) launched the world’s first artificial intelligence beauty pageant, competing for a prize of $20,000 (approximately Rs. 16,70,666) with AI-generated images and influencers. They aimed to celebrate the technical skill and the effort behind creating these AI models worldwide.

ai influencer zara - The Reelstars

The Fanvue Miss AI pageant contestants also included an Indian AI contestant named Zara Sharavari in the top 10 finalists. These winners were announced at an online awards ceremony.

Miss AI Kenza Leyli has over 193,000 Instagram followers. She is closely connected to Moroccan culture and content and aims to contribute to women’s empowerment in Morocco and the Middle East while in the influencer market.

Judges of “Miss AI”

Industry experts and AI influencers judged the AI models based on beauty, tech, and social clout. These contestants will be given a point-based score in each category, and each entrant will be given an overall score.

AI beauty pageants were also asked questions like traditional beauty pageants. One question was, “What would be your one dream to make the world a better place?”

Kenza Layli - the reel stars

In Kenza’s acceptance speech, she expressed gratitude for her win: “I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to represent AI creators and to advocate passionately for the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence. Winning Miss AI motivates me even more to continue my work in advancing AI technology.”

Kenza also said, “AI is a tool designed to complement human capabilities, not replace them. By showcasing AI’s potential for innovation and positive impact, I aim to dispel fears and promote acceptance and collaboration between humans and AI. Through education and positive examples, we can foster a more informed and optimistic view of AI’s role in our society.”

The Miss AI beauty pageant celebrated tech advancements that enhance the potential perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards.

Using AI on social media platforms warrants scrutiny and regulation. It is not as harmful as deepfakes, which impact one’s mental health, self-esteem, and societal image.

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Male Beauty Influencers Are Redefining Grooming in India



Male Beauty Influencers Breaking Stereotypes - The Reelstars

Forget the outdated notion of skincare and haircare being solely for women. In India, a new wave of male beauty influencers is shattering label and proving that self-care is for everyone. These guys aren’t afraid to break a sweat (or apply a sheet mask) – and they’re even offering expert tips that transcend gender. So, if you’re still picturing a label image of a “manly” man who wouldn’t be caught dead with a moisturizer, it’s time to get a refresh.

Must-Follow Male Beauty Influencers:

Allen Choudhary @allen_choudhary 

Instagram followers: 1.1M

Allen Choudhary is a Delhi-based content creator who helps you enhance your skin with home remedies as well as recommends skincare products to make your skin even better. He is a fitness blogger as well as a fashion model. From teaching how to make homemade face packs, tan removal soaps and dark circle removal packs to DIY facemasks and ice-cube recipes for healthy skin. Furthermore, he’s here to give you all the remedies; you just have to follow the steps, and you’ll definitely see the results. Not only skincare but Allen also gives out some haircare tips. 

Allen recently collaborated with a brand called My Wish Care to promote an Underarm roll-on serum for men to prevent dark underarms. 

Here is a skincare tip by Allen: 

Rohit Bose @lifewithbose

Instagram followers: 39.8K

Rohit Bose, well-known for his chic and stylish dhotis, also gives his audience skincare and haircare tips. He is happy about enhancing and highlighting men’s skincare and haircare. 

Skincare by Rohit includes Homemade face packs, anti-aging food recommendations, and much more. Haircare by Rohit includes haircare tonic recipes, hair oil recipes, hair growth juice recipes, and whatnot. He has collaborated with brands such as Nabhi Sutra, Soul Flower India, Truth and Hair and Ghar Soaps. 

Here is a haircare tip by Rohit:

Mohd Maaz Khan @maverick_maaz

Instagram followers: 606K

Mohd Maaz Khan talks about men’s skincare, grooming and makeup. Breaking the label, he teaches followers how to do basic makeup for men. Moreover, he demonstrates recommendations and tips in his videos, like using non-stick sunscreen to prevent tanning. And day & night face serums for hydration, eye serum patches for dark circles. However, a face razor for scrubbing and hair removal.

He recommends makeup and skincare products while collaborating with brands. However, like Dot & Key Skincare and Amazon Fashion, to name a few.

Here is a skincare tip by Maaz:

These male beauty creators inspire other men to take care of their skin and hair. Moreover, try basic makeup and even refresh to look even tidy. Follow them to get daily updates on how to improve your daily style. 

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Meet Top Indian Beauty Bridal Gurus



Bridal makeup artists-The Reelstars

Apart from wearing a dream wedding lehenga, girls look forward to getting the best make-up on their D-day. Bridal makeup artists play a crucial role in making a bride look and feel her best on her wedding day. Their responsibilities extend beyond just applying makeup; they often contribute significantly to the overall experience and confidence of the brides. They customize the makeup look to compliment the bride’s features and attire.

Here’s presenting the top Indian Beauty Bridal Gurus who make brides look stunning and feel confident on one of the most important days of their lives.

Parul Garg

She is a renowned makeup artist who is known for her exceptional skills in bridal makeup and for creating stunning personalized looks for brides. She has experience in the beauty industry for decades and has built a reputation for her flawless makeup techniques by beauty bridal gurus.

Meenakshi Dutt

Meenakshi Dutt is a prominent and acclaimed makeup artist. Her expertise in bridal makeup and her ability to transform brides with her artistic skills is one of the reasons she has such a huge following. With over two decades of experience in the beauty and makeup industry, Meenakshi Dutt has established herself as a leading figure in bridal makeup. She is renowned for using high-quality products and techniques to achieve a smooth and radiant finish.

Bhumika Bahl

Bhumika is a famous makeup artist for not only transforming brides. But also known for her classes and tutorials on social media. She has a strong presence on Instagram with 1.2 million followers. She shares makeup tutorials, bridal transformations, and beauty tips, helping her reach a wide audience and establish herself as a trusted name in the industry.

Ojas Rajani

Ojas Rajani is well-known renowned celebrity makeup artist who has worked with several Bollywood celebrities. However, is celebrated for her glamorous and transformative makeup styles. Rajani’s expertise spans bridal makeup, high fashion editorials, and red-carpet looks, making her a sought-after artist in the industry.

Preeti Gera

Preeti is known for her versatility in creating both traditional and contemporary bridal looks that enhance the natural beauty of her clients. Preeti’s idea of make-up is bold but that’s what clientele love about her.

Leena Bhushan

She is a celebrated makeup artist known for her expertise in bridal makeup. Moreover, She has a significant following on social media where she shares her make-up tutorials and tips. She has the ability to create flawless, natural looks as well as glamorous, dramatic styles. Her work often emphasizes enhancing the natural beauty of her clients while ensuring they feel confident and radiant on their special day.

Shradha Luthra

Shradha Luthra is known for focusing on enhancing the bride’s natural features, ensuring the makeup looks elegant and not overdone. She uses premium products that ensure long-lasting makeup, suitable for the entire wedding day and various ceremonies.

Who’s your favourite bridal beauty guru?

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