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Esports on the Fast Track to Olympics: What it Means for India



esports in olympics - the reelstars

The world of esports is abuzz with excitement! The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced it will officially propose the creation of the Olympic Esports Games at its upcoming session during the 2024 Paris Olympics. This news is particularly thrilling for Indian esports athletes and enthusiasts.

India’s Rise in the Global Gaming Arena

India’s esports scene is flourishing. With government recognition and support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, esports is now a legitimate and rapidly growing industry. The number of online gamers in India has skyrocketed to a staggering 442 million, surpassing even China! This explosive growth underscores the need for responsible gaming practices and a strong Code of Conduct to ensure the industry’s sustainable development.

The Olympic Esports Games: What to expect?

The IOC’s decision to discuss the creation of the Olympic Esports Games marks a significant step towards esports’ inclusion in the prestigious sporting event. The organization has already established the IOC Esports Commission. Similarly, previously held events like the Olympic Virtual Series and the Olympic Esports Week. While viewership for those events fell short of expectations, the IOC remains committed to esports’ Olympic aspirations.

The inclusion of esports in the Olympics won’t be without its hurdles. The Olympic Games uphold strict values that participating sports must adhere to. This means some popular esports titles featuring violence, like Counter-Strike and League of Legends, might not make the cut for the Olympic Esports Games. Additionally, the IOC plans to establish a separate organizational and financial structure for the Esports Games. Besides, distinct from the traditional Olympic model. The first partners for these games are expected to be international federations. Besides, already involved in creating esports versions of their existing sports.

A Bright Future for Esports

The potential inclusion of esports in the Olympics represents a major validation for the industry. For Indian gamers, this news is a significant motivator, potentially opening doors for them to compete on the world’s biggest sporting stage. According to Akshat Rathee (Co-founder of NODWIN Gaming), this inclusion in the Olympics. Moreover, will potentially allow Esports to be placed on the same mantle as other sports. As the industry continues its meteoric rise, responsible practices and a focus on player safety. However, will be crucial to ensure its long-term success.

Anusuya, a Bengali girl in Bengaluru, is an experienced content specialist with a passion for writing compelling articles & blogs while crafting engaging social media posts & website copy. Currently a content manager, she thrives on being hands-on in the creative process. When not meeting deadlines, she enjoys Pinterest-planning her next trips; to explore new cities and immerse herself in local cultures, especially local food. Is it any wonder she chose a degree in Travel & Tourism?

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Creators Who Have Levelled Up in the Gaming Arena



Top Indian Gaming Creators are your Entertainment - The Reelstars

Are you passionate about video games? Do you love watching gamers play online? We’ve compiled a list of the best Indian gaming content creators guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment. Their engaging commentary and thrilling gameplay will make your online viewing experience more fun and exciting. 

Get ready for an exhilarating ride with these top gaming creators:

AS Gaming

YouTube Subscribers: 20.3M

Sahil Rana, an Indian YouTuber and Gaming content creator, owns AS Gaming. Sahil is a Free-fire player streaming for an audience of 20.3 million subscribers. Sahil started his YouTube channel in 2016. However, it took him three years to upload his first video, “5 Hidden Places in Bermuda Map,” on the platform. For this Indian gamer, 2020 was a turning point as his channel numbers kept increasing. Sahil also has 3.3 million Instagram followers. He usually plays Garena FreeFire, a famous battle royale game.


Youtube Subscribers: 16.5M

Ankit Sujan streams gaming content on Gyan Gaming. Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pubg Moblie, Garena Free Fire Max and GTA 5 are a few games that this gamer is known to be obsessed with. Ankit uploads many videos with his gaming friends AS Gaming and Rai Star. 

Ankit began his YouTube journey in 2017 and has uploaded over 3700 videos thereon. Gyan Gaming started by creating content for multiple games, but because Free Fire was more popular, he shifted his focus to Garena Free Fire. Ankit currently has 14.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 2.1 million followers on Instagram. He regularly interacts with his fans by sharing posts about events, updates on new games, and gameplay.

Kroten Gaming

Youtube Subscribers: 20.3M

Chetan Chandgude is the head of Kroten Gaming’s YouTube channel. Kroten Gaming is famous for playing PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. He is widely known for his entertaining gaming streaming and informative gameplay videos. 

Chetan Chandgude was born and raised in a middle-class family in Pune, Maharashtra. He is the champion of the PUBG Esports contests and currently has a YouTube Gold Play Button. He is the CEO of GodLike eSports, a leading eSports organization home to many teams from India.

Ankit Panth 

Youtube Subscribers: 115K

Ankit Panth AKA V3nombiceps is a professional gamer based in Mumbai. He is a Red Bull Athlete. He was the brand ambassador of Alienware and Intel for 5 years.

Ankit worked with Corsair for 5 years & HyperX for a year. Backed up by 15+ years of experience in gaming, he has fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional gamer with dedication and a humble attitude. Coming from a middle-class society, Ankit needed more help at the start of his journey. How he crossed the hurdles and sits where he is today, is an achievement by itself. He has dedicated all his time to gaming and has also achieved a name for himself in the DJing and Fitness industry. He was featured in various magazines in and outside of India.


Youtube Subscribers: 333K

HydraFlick aka Rohan Ledwani, is an Indian gaming content creator from Vadodara, Gujarat. HydraFlick uploads videos of quality games, tutorials, analysis and reviews. He aims to be one of the best and showcase a prime caliber streaming atmosphere. Rohan wishes to represent India internationally through his streams, gameplay, and solitary performance. 

Follow these top gaming content creators with unique and engaging online streaming channels!

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S8UL and KRAFTON Partner Up for Bullet Echo India Launch



s8ul x krafton - the reelstars

S8UL, a prominent force in the Indian esports and gaming landscape, has entered into a strategic partnership with KRAFTON, the global gaming giant behind titles like PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. This collaboration aims to elevate the launch of Bullet Echo India, a fast-paced, top-down shooter, through the creation of engaging and impactful content.

Leveraging S8UL’s Influencer Power

Central to this partnership is the role of S8UL’s popular creators. Known for their ability to connect with the Indian gaming audience, these influencers will be instrumental in generating excitement and anticipation for Bullet Echo India. By producing a variety of content formats, including:

  • In-depth gameplay tutorials and tips
  • Thrilling competitive showcases
  • Character deep dives
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Engaging community interactions

S8UL aims to create a comprehensive content ecosystem around the game. This strategy is designed to appeal to a wide range of players, from casual gamers seeking tips to hardcore esports enthusiasts looking for competitive action.

Bullet Echo India is a Fresh Take on the Battle Royale Genre

Bullet Echo India is a fast-paced, top-down action shooter that has taken the Indian gaming scene by storm. Developed by Krafton, the same studio behind global sensations like PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India, this game offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience.

While classified as a battle royale, Bullet Echo India sets itself apart with its distinct top-down perspective and focus on tactical gameplay. Players are thrown into intense, short duration matches where survival hinges on quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and effective teamwork.

With its innovative gameplay and competitive format, Bullet Echo India has the potential to capture the hearts of Indian gamers. The partnership with S8UL will further amplify the game’s reach and engagement, ensuring a successful launch and sustained player interest.

A Win-Win Partnership

The collaboration between S8UL and KRAFTON is a strategic move to capitalize on the burgeoning Indian gaming market. By combining KRAFTON’s game development expertise with S8UL’s influencer power, the partnership aims to create a winning formula for the launch of Bullet Echo India.

S8UL’s deep understanding of the Indian gaming audience and its ability to create engaging content will be crucial in driving player acquisition and retention. In turn, KRAFTON’s resources and expertise will support S8UL’s efforts to deliver high-quality content to its audience.

The partnership between S8UL and KRAFTON signifies a broader trend in the gaming industry, where collaborations between game developers and content creators are becoming increasingly important. By working together, these two industry leaders are setting a new standard for game launches and demonstrating the power of influencer marketing in the gaming space.

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CarryMinati Joins MrBeast’s YouTube Rumble: 50 YouTubers Battle for $1 Million



CarryMinati with MrBeast in YouTube video - The Reelstars

YouTuber king MrBeast shattered his own record for most views in the first 24 hours with his latest video, but just barely! The video, titled “50 YouTubers Fight For $1,000,000,” racked up a whopping 71 million views in its first 24 hours, making it MrBeast’s most-watched video ever within that timeframe.

This isn’t surprising, considering MrBeast’s massive subscriber base of 300 million, the largest on YouTube. But what truly set this video apart was the star-studded cast of participants.

Here’s a look at the 50 YouTubers who participated:

CarryMinati Joins the Brawl!

In a surprising turn of events, popular Indian YouTuber Ajey Nagar AKA CarryMinati, known for his roast videos, joined the competition. His participation sent fans into a frenzy, especially after his playful exchange with MrBeast on social media. MrBeast even took a cheeky jab at T-Series, the Indian music giant he famously surpassed in subscribers.

The Challenge: Last YouTuber Standing Wins Big

The competition itself was a test of endurance. MrBeast crammed 50 of the biggest YouTubers, including CarryMinati, Kai Cenat, Pokimane, Ibai Llanos, and Rubius, into a giant cube. The last one standing would win a cool $1 million, not for themselves, but to give away to their subscribers!

Here’s a breakdown of the crazy challenges YouTubers had to face in MrBeast’s record-breaking video:

  • Shot Your Way In (or Out!) – YouTubers including Mark Rober and JiDion were yeeted out the competition after missing a 3-pointer challenge for a chance to win a Cybertruck for their subscriber.
  • Squid Game, But Make it Cookies – Pokimane, Sketch, and a slew of other YouTubers got eliminated after their delicate sugar cookie shapes crumbled under the pressure.
  • Jenga Tower of Terror – This is where things got interesting! CarryMinati went head-to-head with Logan Paul in an epic Jenga battle, but Paul came out on top. Other YouTubers like KSI and Vikkstar123 also saw their Jenga dreams crumble.
  • Steal or No Steal? – The suspense built as YouTubers like LazarBeam gambled on whether to steal a briefcase (which could eliminate them) or keep their own.
  • Cooking Up Chaos – Kai Cenat and AJ Shabeel teamed up for a culinary challenge, but their spaghetti tacos didn’t impress the judges (including IShowSpeed!), leading to their elimination. Logan Paul also accidentally disqualified himself by leaving the competition zone during this round.
  • Million Dollar Mind Games – In the final showdown, the remaining YouTubers had to use their best poker faces to guess who held the million-dollar briefcase.

Ultimately, JaidenAnimations emerged victorious thanks to her strategic skills and will use the prize money to help her subscribers pursue their artistic dreams at art school!

MrBeast’s Next Big Move

This epic YouTuber brawl is just the beginning for MrBeast. He’s gearing up for an even bigger project: a competition series called Beast Games on Prime Video. Here, 1,000 contestants will battle it out for a life-changing $5 million prize. With an announcement like that, the bar for excitement is set sky-high!

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