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Fashion Influencers Flaunting Trendy and Luxurious Bags



luxurious bags - Indian fashion influencer

Fashion has evolved over the years in many ways; especially when it comes to bags! From micro to oversized luxurious bags, they have become staple accessories in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The latest trend in bags reflects a blend of practicality, sustainability, and bold fashion statements, catering to diverse tastes and lifestyles. Whether you’re drawn to the minimalism of micro bags or the vibrant expression of bold patterns, there’s a handbag trend for everyone in 2024.

Celebrities and fashion influencers play a major role in setting a trend by showcasing the versatility and importance of handbags in fashion. Whether it’s a classic tote, a trendy mini bag, or a luxurious statement piece, their choices inspire fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Take a look at these popular fashion influencers and the handbags they have been spotted with!

Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur is a known actress and fashion influencer. She has a massive following on social media platforms, where she shares her fashion tips, style statements, and latest looks. Avneet’s fashion sense is trendy and versatile and known for her bold and chic outfits. In her recent post, Avneet is seen flaunting an off-white and tan Burberry mini pocket tote bag complimenting her look.

Avneet Kaur

Shivani Singh

Shivani Singh is a popular fashion and lifestyle influencer recognized for her stylish content. She has gained a massive following on social media platforms for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle updates. Shivani never disappoints her followers with her outfits and accessories. Shivani sported a golden mellitic dress with a micro pink colour Diesel bag. The mix of golden and pink is the perfect blend.

Shivani Singh

Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia, also known as “The Chique Factor,” is a renowned fashion and lifestyle influencer known for her impeccable style. She has carved out a significant presence in the social media landscape. Roshni is known for her sophisticated and chic fashion sense. She showcases a wide range of outfits, from everyday casual wear to high-fashion looks. Her ability to effortlessly mix luxury brands with high-street fashion makes her style both aspirational and accessible. Similarly, in this look, she has beautifully paired a flouncy skirt with a classy pearl bag by Rosantica.

Roshni Bhatia

Diipa Khosla

Diipa Khosla is celebrated for her classy and glamorous fashion sense. Her ability to blend different fashion elements effortlessly makes her a style icon for many. Diipa’s ability to seamlessly blend fashion, beauty, lifestyle content. However, engaging personality makes her a prominent figure in the influencer community. Her stylish and inspiring posts continue to attract and inspire a diverse audience. Similarly, we love how beautifully she has paired a red colour sling bag with her sexy black outfit.

Diipa Khosla

Juhi Godambe

Juhi is known for her high fashion choices. From a wide range of outfits, from high-end designer pieces to everyday casual wear. Besides, her style combines elegance and modern trends. Moreover, often featuring clean lines, bold colours, and statement accessories. Her ability to connect with her audience and provide valuable insights. Furthermore, from the world of fashion and beauty continues to inspire and attract her followers. Apart from her garment choices her sense of accessorizing is commendable. Moreover, Juhi recently wore a beautiful sequence dress and paired it with a golden potli-style bag. Take a look!

Juhi Godambe

Masoom Minawala

Masoom Minawala has been given the tag of ‘Miss Style Fiesta’ for her high-end fashion luxurious bags choices. Besides, Apart from being an influencer, she is an entrepreneur, and social media personality. She has gained international recognition for her impeccable style, engaging content, and contributions to the fashion industry. She often experiments with different looks, from minimalistic and understated to bold and glamorous. Similarly, in this look, she is sporting a casual look paired with a maroon Gucci bag giving it a chic look.

Masoom Minawala

Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is a prominent Indian fashion influencer, stylist, and content creator known for her bold and innovative style. Her style is eclectic and bold.  Furthermore, She often mixes high-end designer pieces with statement-making outfits. Her fashion philosophy encourages individuality and self-expression. Komal this look where she is donning a short skirt. However, she paired the outfit with a classy leather brown luxurious bag, giving diva vibes.

Komal Pandey

Which fashionista’s bag would you like to steal from their wardrobe?

Dharini Sanghavi is an entertainment journalist, and mom to a son. She has more than 13 years of experience and has worked with TellyChakkar and Koimoi. She is a social bird and is self-motivated by nature!


Ikisvon Jamang is a Testament to the Impeccable Style of Northeast India



model ikisvon jamang - the reelstars

It’s not often that we come across someone with fearless style and creative ingenuity. But, Ikisvon Jamang is exactly that and more! We can’t help but agree (strongly) to Grazia India‘s inclusion of her in the list of creatives to watch out for in 2024. And we’ll tell you why! 

From the hills in Manipur to high-fashion in Delhi:

Ikisvon (IKI to her friends and followers), comes from a small town called Ukhrul in Manipur. Considering the fact that many people have never even heard of that little corner in the northeast of India, this girl has come a long way from home! And she’s made her presence known, loudly at that.

In an interview with Vogue India, this model/creator shared how her interest in clothing came from her visits to her aunt in her hometown. Watching her aunt dress in style inspired by Korean and Harajuku fashion, piqued her interest as a little girl too. Her own style has evolved over the years and she always goes beyond the norm of following the usual trends. Now based in New Delhi, she’s actually a very well-known creator in the fashion scene there. 

Her journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Growing up with insecurities about her appearance, Ikisvon battled self-doubt before embracing her unique identity. It was fashion that became her armor, allowing her to express herself confidently. Over time, she’s learned to express herself uniquely through her style and it’s clearly visible to anyone who follows her on Instagram. Ikisvon’s style is a captivating blend of street-style edge and timeless glamour. 

Creative collaborations, recognition as a force of fashion:

In the last two years, recognition for her talent has poured in from all corners. Grazia India named her one of the creatives to watch out for in 2024, recommended by stylist Edward Lalrempuia. She’s also a model who has graced the ramp for prestigious fashion shows like Lakmé Fashion Week. At this year’s show, she walked for Deme by Gabriella Demetriades. Aside from modelling, her influence as a creator is undeniable, as evidenced by her collaborations with renowned brands like Gentle Monster and H&M. Ikisvon was awarded the Fashion Influencer of the Year (Editor’s Choice) at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2024. Last year, she was also awarded at the second edition of Vogue India’s flagship event, Forces of Fashion.

Beyond her stunning looks, Ikisvon Jamang is a vocal advocate for self-love and body positivity. She uses her platform to inspire others to overcome their insecurities and embrace their true selves. With her infectious energy and unwavering belief in her dreams, she continues to break barriers and redefine the standards of beauty in the fashion industry.

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Find New Style Inspo With These Fresh Faces In Fashion Content



Fashion Influencers-The Reelstars

The world of fashion is vast, and so is the realm of budding fashion influencers. While we are familiar with the popular names who set trends and styles in the fashion industry, there are many emerging ones just waiting to be discovered. These fresh faces in fashion content on social media are carving a space for themselves in this competitive niche.

These new influencers bring fresh perspectives and diverse styles to the fashion scene, making them great sources of inspiration for anyone looking to stay updated on the latest trends.

Without much ado, let’s look at five new emerging fashion influencers who need your attention now!

Shyama Raj

Instagram: 25.7K

Shyama, known on Instagram as @Chique_Nari, is a budding fashion influencer. She is a strong advocate for affordable fashion and shares tips and guides on achieving classy and stylish looks without breaking the bank. Her content is perfect for those who want to look fashionable while being budget-conscious.

Harsha Kripalani

Instagram: 41.9K

Harsha is a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in Bangalore. She regularly uploads videos demonstrating how to dress for various occasions, including daily wear, office attire, and party looks. Her “Outfit of the Day” (OOTD) posts consistently receive great responses from her followers, making her a go-to source for fashion inspiration.

Saburi Gilda

Instagram: 119K

Saburi’s Instagram profile is dedicated to traditional fashion with a modern twist. She believes in the elegance of traditional wear and frequently updates her followers on how to style such outfits. Her content includes mix-and-match styles, fashion tips, and guidance on incorporating traditional elements into contemporary looks.

Unnati Jain

Instagram: 74.1K

Unnati frequently shares styling tips, fashion hacks, and looks for various occasions, making her a go-to source for fashion enthusiasts seeking new and innovative ideas.

Sonal SJ

Instagram: 34K

Sonal SJ is an emerging fashion influencer making waves on Instagram. With her keen sense of style and creative content, she has quickly garnered a dedicated following. Known for her versatile fashion choices, Sonal effortlessly blends traditional and contemporary styles, providing her audience with fresh and inspiring outfit ideas.

For more such content on influencers/creators, keep reading The Reelstars!

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Looking for Mid-Size OOTDs? Follow these Curvy Creators! 



Looking for Mid-Size OOTDs? Follow these Curvy Creators! - The Reelstars

Looking for chic mid-size OOTDs? These curvy creators are here for you! With their fashionable tips and beautiful outfits inspo, they showcase the best in mid-size fashion. Follow these fashionistas to elevate your style by adoring your curves with confidence. 

Mid-size OOTDs inspo:

Neha Agrawal @nnehagrawal

Instagram followers: 43.8K

Neha Agrawal is enthusiastic about fashion, travel, lifestyle and luxury. She is a vegan as well.

Neha is a mid-size model who loves dressing up with her cute bags. She is a fan of bags, exploring bags from luxury brands like MIRAGGIO, Chloe, L’alingi, GUCCI, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few of them. Being passionate about luxurious fashion, she has clothes from brands such as Zara and Mango.

Dinner OOTD:

Laxmi Shetty @laxmi_shetty

Instagram followers: 135K

Laxmi Shetty is all about C³ in colors, curves, and curls. This mid-size model is based in Pune. She loves trying out branded accessories from brands like Zara, Hues Studio, Snastudios, The Sautoir Shop, Jewels in Trend, The Pink Teinte, and many more. 

Laxmi makes styling videos by trying new mid-size outfits that make her feel confident. Her MID-SIZE Get Ready With Me videos are worth the wait as she slays in every look.

Shopping OOTD:

Aayushi Badheka @aayushibadheka

Instagram followers: 126K

Aayushi Badheka makes mid-size fashion as easily accessible as other sizes in the fashion industry. She is one of India’s first Mid-size creators, in love with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Based out of Mumbai, Aayushi loves trying out different styles of mid-size outfits from various brands like Aroka, Zara, Beyond Tara, Shopper Stop, Fancy Pants, and from designers who have their own labels.  

Holiday OOTD:

Mousumi Das @_.mou.sumiii

Instagram followers: 17.7K

Mausumi Das is your next mid-size fashion influencer who is fond of aesthetic fashion and is collaborating with brands like Savana by Urbanic, NewMe, and Freakins India, to name a few. She styles her mid-size curvy self with fashionable outfits styling them with cute accessories. 

Date Night OOTD:

Bhavya Arora @bhavyakamainaccount

Instagram followers: 202K

Bhavya Arora is a 5′ 8 inch mid-size girlie from Surat and Mumbai. A girl with big dreams and loves being a fashionista. As a mid-size fashion model, She believes in affordable fashion and creating unique looks. She is an affiliate partner with brands like H&M, NewMe, Savana by Urbanic, Amazon Fashion, Myntra and many more. 

College OOTD:

Embrace your curves and elevate your style by following these curvy content creators. As mid-size fashion models, they suggest the perfect blend of trendy and flattering outfit ideas, helping you feel confident and stylish. 

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