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Two Japanese Influencers Dancing To Success To Indian Beats



Two Japanese Influencers Dancing To Success To Indian Beats

The vibrant world of Indian culture has captivated audiences worldwide, and its influence extends far beyond its borders. In Japan, two social media stars, Takuro Kakefuda and Mayo Japan, have carved their own unique paths to success. Besides, fueled by their passion for all things Indian. So, who are these Japanese influencers in love with India?


Takuro, known online as “Kaketaku,” isn’t your average dancer. A choreographer and videographer with a massive following of over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and 527k Instagram followers, Takuro’s talent lies in his ability to bridge cultures through dance. His base is in Japan, but his heart often beats to the rhythm of Bollywood.

Takuro’s viral fame reached new heights in 2023 with a mesmerizing dance routine inspired by Tamannaah Bhatia’s performance in the Indian movie “Jailer.” This electrifying act resonated deeply with fans across the globe. Furthermore, solidifying his reputation as a celebrated figure in the dance community. A recent video of his to go viral is a recreation of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa Pushpa, which Tollywood fans are going crazy over!


Meanwhile, Mayo Hitomi AKA Mayo Japan, has carved her own niche in the social media world. Her captivating YouTube channel, boasting over 3 million subscribers, features engaging vlogs entirely in Hindi. This unique approach has resonated with a massive Indian audience, making her a true social media phenomenon.

From an interview she gave earlier this year, we learnt how Mayo’s journey to India began with a heartfelt wish. Inspired by her father’s fond memories of travels to Kolkata and Nepal, she embarked on a life-changing adventure to learn Hindi in India itself. Overcoming initial concerns, she convinced her mother of the unique opportunity this presented for language immersion. India quickly captured Mayo’s heart.

Today, with 90% of her followers hailing from India, Mayo seamlessly blends Hindi with Indian and japanese influencers cultural themes in her vlogs. From exploring vibrant festivals and local cuisine to showcasing stunning locations, Mayo’s content offers a captivating window into both cultures. Her Instagram reels, amassing millions of views, further solidify her position as a virtual ambassador for Indo-Japanese cultural exchange. Mayo now has more than 609K followers on her Instagram as well!

A pivotal moment in Mayo’s career came when her video documenting a lively Holi celebration in Japan went viral. This unexpected success, garnering a staggering 50,000 subscribers in a single day, ignited her passion for vlogging. Since then, she’s continued to create engaging content, often collaborating with Kaketaku on dance videos. Moreover, that showcase their shared love for Indian culture.

Dancing To Indian Beats Together!

Takuro and Mayo have collaborated to dance together to multiple Indian songs and most of these quickly go viral!

Last month, they commemorated 30 years of “Tumsa Koi Pyaara” from the movie Khuddar and the reel already has more than 1.7M views!

Watch them dancing in sync to Kurchi Madathapetti from Telugu blockbuster Guntur Kaaram! 7.2M views?!!

Takuro and Mayo’s stories, though independent, represent a unique bridge between Japan and India. By embracing the richness and vibrancy of Indian culture, they’ve not only garnered immense online followings. However, also fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation between two distinct cultures. Follow these Japanese creators to keep up with their India-inspired content!

Anusuya, a Bengali girl in Bengaluru, is an experienced content specialist with a passion for writing compelling articles & blogs while crafting engaging social media posts & website copy. Currently a content manager, she thrives on being hands-on in the creative process. When not meeting deadlines, she enjoys Pinterest-planning her next trips; to explore new cities and immerse herself in local cultures, especially local food. Is it any wonder she chose a degree in Travel & Tourism?

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Satisfy Your K-Drama Cravings in July 2024 with These New Releases



kdrama tarot - the reelstars

Ah, the bittersweet bliss of finishing a K-drama. The satisfaction of a story well-told lingers, but a void opens up – what show will fill the next binge-watching obsession? Fear not, fellow K-drama enthusiasts, for July 2024 brings a fresh wave of excitement! This month promises a smorgasbord of genres, from heart-stopping revenge to monstrous mayhem. However, ensuring there’s a perfect drama to ignite your next K-drama adventure. So, grab your favorite snacks, settle into your cozy corner. Furthermore, prepare to be swept away by these great new releases!

July 2024 New Releases in K-Dramas:

For the Lovers of Romance and Revenge:

  • Red Swan (Disney+ Hotstar): Dive into a world of opulent lifestyles and scandalous secrets. This drama follows a top female golfer who seeks vengeance after her life unravels due to her husband’s betrayal. A mysterious bodyguard becomes her unlikely ally, and as they work together. Besides, a simmering romance unfolds amidst the tangled web of family drama. Starring the ever-charming Kim Ha Neul and the iconic Rain. Red Swan promises a thrilling blend of romance, revenge, and high-stakes intrigue.

For the Office Warriors:

  • The Auditors: Buckle up for a thrilling ride into the world of corporate espionage. “The Auditors” pits a seasoned, stoic audit team leader against a passionate rookie with a heart of gold. Witness the clash of personalities and ideologies as they navigate the treacherous waters of corporate corruption. Starring Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha, this drama is perfect for those who enjoy sharp wit. Besides, complex characters, and the thrill of uncovering hidden truths.

For the Fans of Monstrous Mayhem:

  • Sweet Home 3 (Netflix): Get ready for the epic conclusion of the popular monster apocalypse series, Sweet Home! Song Kang (*eeeeee!*) returns after his military service to reprise his role as Cha Hyun-su. Similarly, a young man battling his inner demons – literally. With monstrous beings wreaking havoc and humanity on the brink of extinction. Besides, Hyun-su and the remaining survivors must fight for survival in this heart-stopping finale. This season also marks the welcome return of Lee Do-hyun, making it an essential watch for fans of the series. However, those who crave high-octane monster action.
  • Good Partner (Viki): Sharpen your pencils and prepare for a courtroom showdown! “Good Partner” throws two contrasting lawyers into the legal ring. A feisty veteran attorney with a knack for dismantling marriages meets her match in a dedicated but inexperienced newbie. This clash of styles promises a delightful blend of legal battles. However, witty banter, and perhaps even a touch of unexpected camaraderie. Starring Jang Na Ra and Nam Ji Hyun, this drama is a must-watch for those who enjoy legal dramas with a dash of humor.

For the Thrill Seekers:

  • Tarot: Feeling brave? “Tarot” is an anthology series that will send chills down your spine. Each episode focuses on a different character who receives a cursed tarot card. However, leading them down a path of twisted fate. Brace yourself for a chilling exploration of the supernatural as seven individuals grapple. Moreover, with their destinies in this horror thriller masterpiece. Starring Cho Yeo Jeong and Park Ha Sun, “Tarot” promises a unique and unsettling viewing experience. Recognize this YouTuber-turned-actor from another popular reality show? (It’s Dex!)

So, mark your calendars, K-Drama enthusiasts! July 2024 promises to be a month filled with unforgettable characters, gripping storylines, and endless entertainment. Moreover, with this diverse selection of new releases, there’s a perfect pick for every mood and preference. Happy watching!

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How Hallyu Ignited Indian-Korean Romances



nabam jully - the reel stars

The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, has swept across India in recent years, leaving a trail of K-Pop beats, kimchi cravings, and a growing fascination with Korean culture. But beyond the catchy tunes and delicious food, Hallyu has surprisingly fostered a new avenue for love and connection – Indian-Korean couples.

Fuelled by the emotional rollercoasters of Korean dramas and the undeniable charm of K-Pop idols. Hallyu has created a bridge between the two cultures. Indian viewers, particularly young adults, find themselves captivated by the relatable themes of love, friendship, and ambition portrayed in Korean dramas. These shows offer a refreshing alternative to traditional Indian television. Furthermore, sparking a deep interest in Korean customs, fashion, and even language.

This newfound appreciation for Korean culture has made it easier for Indians to connect with Koreans on a deeper level. Social media platforms like YouTube have become a breeding ground for Indian-Korean couples to share their unique cross-cultural experiences. These couples, often dubbed “K-drama couples” by their fans, document their daily lives, navigating language barriers, exploring cultural differences, and even showcasing the fusion of Indian and Korean cuisine.

These YouTube channels have become immensely popular, especially amongst young Hallyu fans in India. They offer a glimpse into a reality inspired by their favorite dramas. Moreover, perhaps even fuel the fantasy of finding their own “oppa” (Korean term for an older male friend or boyfriend). The success of these channels highlights the power of Hallyu not just in promoting Korean culture. However, but also in fostering genuine connections and even love across borders.

Here are some of the most popular Indian-Korean couples who found fame on social media with their content:

Popular Indian-Korean Couple Influencers On YouTube:





However, it’s important to remember that these online portrayals often showcase the idealized versions of cross-cultural relationships. Real-life scenarios can be far more complex, with significant adjustments needed on both sides.

Despite the challenges, the increasing number of Indian-Korean couples signifies a beautiful outcome of the Hallyu wave. It’s a beautiful example of how pop culture can not only entertain. Besides, also foster understanding, connection, and even love across borders.

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Have You Watched These K-dramas in June 2024?



hierarchy -The Reelstars

Craving a K-drama fix? Fear not, drama fans! June 2024 has a binge-worthy selection of shows, from steamy romances to thrilling mysteries. Whether you’re into privileged high school hierarchies (Hierarchy), heartwarming rom-coms (My Sweet Mobster), or fantastical journeys through time (Miss Night and Day), there’s something for everyone. So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to be transported to the world of Korean dramas. Here’s a list of the K-dramas to watch in June 2024, made just for you!


hierarchy - the reel stars

Release date: June 7

Where to watch: Netflix

Synopsis: “Hierarchy” unfolds within the prestigious corridors of Jooshin High School, an institution governed by the formidable Jooshin Group. This seven-episode Korean drama immerses viewers in the complex dynamics of a rigid social hierarchy. Besides, where privilege and power shape every interaction. At the center of this meticulously crafted world is Kang Ha (played by Lee Chae-min), a scholarship transfer student. However, whose arrival threatens to disrupt the carefully maintained order. As Kang Ha navigates the intricacies of elite academia, he encounters a cast of characters, including the captivating Jung Jae-I (portrayed by Roh Jeong-eui), the enigmatic Kim Ri-an (played by Kim Jae-won), the ambitious Yoon He-ra (portrayed by Chi Hae-won), and the influential Lee Woo-jin (played by Lee Won-jeong). Together, they weave a captivating tale of love, ambition, and betrayal against the backdrop of South Korea’s most prestigious school.

Miss Night and Day

miss night and day - the reel stars

Release date: June (Exact date TBD)

Where to watch: Netflix

Synopsis: “Miss Night and Day” invites viewers on an extraordinary journey into the unexpected. Directed by Lee Hyung Min and written by Park Ji Ha, this internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original drama series follows the intertwined fates of Lim Soon and Lee Mi-jin. Lim Soon, portrayed by (casting name), finds herself inexplicably trapped in old age. Moreover, her life forever altered by a twist of fate. Meanwhile, Lee Mi-jin, a dedicated prosecutor, grapples with the mysteries surrounding Lim Soon’s inexplicable transformation. Produced by Samha Networks and Studio LuluLala, “Miss Night and Day” promises to unravel the complexities of identity. However, destiny in a tale that transcends time and perception.

My Sweet Mobster

my sweet mobster - the reel stars

Release date: June 12

Where to watch: Viki

Synopsis: “My Sweet Mobster” offers a delightful blend of romance and redemption in the bustling streets of South Korea. Directed by Kim Young Hwan and Kim Woo Hyun, this charming rom-com follows the journey of Seo Ji Hwan (portrayed by Uhm Tae Goo). Moreover, a former gangster turned cautious CEO, as he navigates the tumultuous waters of love and second chances. Alongside him is Go Eun Ha (played by Han Sun Hwa), his childhood friend and a cheerful children’s content creator. Furthermore, whose unwavering support becomes his beacon of hope. As their paths intertwine and sparks fly, Prosecutor Jang Hyeon U (portrayed by Kwon Yool) emerges as a formidable obstacle. Furthermore, determined to thwart their newfound happiness. Adapted from the web novel “The Woman Who Plays” by Park Soo Jung, “My Sweet Mobster” promises laughter, heartwarming moments, and a journey of self-discovery that transcends boundaries.

Agents of Mystery

agents of mystery - the reel stars

Release date: June 18

Where to watch: Netflix

Synopsis: “Agents of Mystery” embarks on a thrilling journey into the unknown, where a team of esteemed celebrities, including Lee Yong Jin, Lee Eun Ji, John Park, Hyeri from Girl’s Day, Kim Do Hoon, and Karina from aespa, converge to unravel baffling cases that defy rational explanation. Under the direction of PD Jung Jong Yeon, renowned for his work on acclaimed shows such as “The Devil’s Plan,” “The Genius,” and “The Great Escape,” this mystery adventure series promises an exhilarating blend of suspense, intrigue, and supernatural phenomena.

The hosts on the show are Lee Hye Ri, Lee Yong Jin, John Park, Kim Do Hoon and Lee Eun Ji. Directed by the esteemed Jeong Jong Yeon,” “Agents of Mystery” challenges its celebrity participants. Moreover, to unravel paranormal mysteries within a strict six-hour timeframe. He’s known for his masterful storytelling in unscripted television with hits like “The Devil’s Plan” and “The Great Escape. With each episode packed with suspenseful narratives, collaborative teamwork, and unforeseen twists. However, the show offers an immersive viewing experience that will keep audiences enthralled from start to finish.

Whether you’re a seasoned K-drama enthusiast or new to the genre, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we add the most anticipated K-dramas hitting screens this June to our watch-list and get ready to be hooked!

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