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K-Beauty Secrets Unlocked: Your Guide to the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine



korean skincare routine - the reelstars

Ever wondered how Korean celebrities achieve that glass skin glow? It’s not just good genes (although, maybe a little)! The secret lies in the infamous Korean skincare routine, a multi-step approach that’s all about pampering your skin and achieving ultimate hydration. But fear not, skincare newbies! This guide will break down the 10 steps into bite-sized pieces, so you can achieve all your skin-care goals!

10-Step Korean Skincare Routine:

1- Oil-based Cleanser.

Imagine this: you’re double-teaming makeup, sunscreen, and pesky oil with a dream team of cleansers. First up, an oil cleanser acts like a magnet, dissolving all that gunk without stripping your skin.

2 – Water-based Cleanser.

Next, a water-based cleanser swoops in to remove any leftover sweat and impurities. Double cleansed and feeling fresh? We’re just getting started!

3 – Exfoliant.

Need a brighter you? Exfoliation is your BFF! Chemical exfoliants (think AHAs and BHAs) work like tiny wizards, gently dissolving dead skin cells for a smoother, more radiant look. Physical scrubs are another option, offering a deeper clean (but be gentle!). Remember, exfoliation is a treat, not a punishment – 1-3 times a week is the sweet spot.

4 – Toner.

Think of toner as a skin equalizer. Alcohol-free toners help balance your skin’s pH after cleansing, prepping it like a blank canvas for all the goodness to come. Plus, some toners are packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or green tea extract for an extra hydration boost.

5 – Essence.

This lightweight liquid is like a tall glass of water for your face. Packed with nutrients, essences plump and soften your skin, getting it ready for the next steps. Pat some essence onto your face and neck – it feels like a hug in a bottle!

6 – Serum.

Here’s where things get exciting! Serums are concentrated formulas that target specific concerns like wrinkles, acne, or dark spots. Think of them as personalized potions for your unique skin. Hyaluronic acid for hydration? Vitamin C for brightening? The choice is yours!

7 – Sheet Mask.

Sheet masks are soaked in essence or serum and provide a concentrated dose of hydration and targeted ingredients. Relax and unwind while the mask works its magic.

8 – Eye Cream.

The skin around your eyes is thinner and more prone to puffiness and dark circles. That’s where eye creams come in! These gentle formulas provide hydration and address specific concerns, making your peepers look brighter and more awake.

9 – Moisturizer.

Moisturizer is the superhero that seals in all the hydration from your previous steps. Think of it like a cozy blanket for your skin. Choose a moisturizer based on your skin type – lightweight lotion for oily gals, richer cream for dry guys (and everyone in between!).

10 – Sunscreen.

No matter the weather, sunscreen is the non-negotiable BFF of your skincare routine. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher every single morning, even on cloudy days. Sun damage is real, but so is glowing, protected skin!

If you want to try something a little less elaborate than 10 steps, watch this video from Ana Tamang for tips on half the products to use for glass skin:


  • This is a general guideline; adjust the frequency of some steps based on your skin type and needs.
  • Be gentle with your skin and avoid over-exfoliating.
  • Patch test new products before incorporating them into your routine.

    Consistency is key! The Korean skincare routine is a marathon, not a sprint. With dedication and these handy tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that coveted K-Beauty glow!

    Anusuya, a Bengali girl in Bengaluru, is an experienced content specialist with a passion for writing compelling articles & blogs while crafting engaging social media posts & website copy. Currently a content manager, she thrives on being hands-on in the creative process. When not meeting deadlines, she enjoys Pinterest-planning her next trips; to explore new cities and immerse herself in local cultures, especially local food. Is it any wonder she chose a degree in Travel & Tourism?


    Beauty Influencer Shraddha Gurung is All About Self-Love



    Beauty Influencer Shraddha Gurung is Raising the Bar - The Reelstars

    Influencer Shraddha Gurung, 27, popularly known as @lilmissgurung, has a passion for creating diverse content, including beauty, fashion, dancing, and recently cooking on her new page @cookmayasanga. Shraddha is also a body-positive and mental health advocate who encourages her followers to embrace themselves in every shape and size. Born and raised in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, she has been an assistant beauty producer for the last seven years. 

    Brand Collaborations

    Being a beauty creator, Shraddha has collaborated with many brands, including MAC, Clinique, Nykaa, Kay Beauty, Chambor, Gillette, Biolage, Matrix, and Cin Cin Fashion. Along with five others, she was the face of Estee Lauder’s ‘My Shade, My Story’ campaign. 

    Shraddha’s background 

    It’s no longer casual to be bullied over looks, body sizes, or skin tones due to equal opportunities without any beauty biases. Whether in the entertainment or cosmetic industries, supporting talent matters the most. 

    As a kid, she was bullied because of her Nepalese facial features and prominent forehead. It bothered her a lot, but eventually, she became a body positive influencer who started feeling comfortable with herself. 

    She is a beauty and hair expert making beauty and fashion videos. Recreating celebrity makeup looks is one of her favourite content formats. From sharing makeup tutorials to clothing hauls, she is an interesting content creator. Giving importance to mental health has greatly impacted her journey with unfiltered content, innovative and informative polls, videos, and interviews.

    Being a content creator, Shraddha Gurung has a massive fanbase of 255K on Instagram and 78.2K subscribers on YouTube. 

    She started developing an interest in vlogging when she worked for POPxo, a digital community for women. She has always wanted to make a career and study mass media while being a loyal fashionista. 

    Shraddha started off by reading the blogs of many bloggers, did an internship, got a job opportunity as a video talent at POPxo, and went on to work there for more than 7 years. She became the Beauty Producer for their YouTube channel.

    As an influencer, Shraddha Gurung is a great example of a content creator who talks about her self-love and mental health, which is the need of the hour. Follow her for engaging fashion and beauty content. 

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    World’s First AI Beauty Pageant Queen, “Miss AI,” is Kenza Leyli!



    World's First AI Beauty Pageant Queen, "Miss AI," is Kenza Leyli - The Reelstars

    Hijabi lady Kenza Leyli is an AI activist and influencer who won the world’s first “Miss AI” title. She was one among the top 10 out of 1500 AI-generated models worldwide.

    Kenza Leyli is crowned as “Miss AI” followed by the first and second runner up i.e. Lalina from France and Olivia C from Portugal, respectively.

    Miss AI Beauty Pageant

    The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs) launched the world’s first artificial intelligence beauty pageant, competing for a prize of $20,000 (approximately Rs. 16,70,666) with AI-generated images and influencers. They aimed to celebrate the technical skill and the effort behind creating these AI models worldwide.

    ai influencer zara - The Reelstars

    The Fanvue Miss AI pageant contestants also included an Indian AI contestant named Zara Sharavari in the top 10 finalists. These winners were announced at an online awards ceremony.

    Miss AI Kenza Leyli has over 193,000 Instagram followers. She is closely connected to Moroccan culture and content and aims to contribute to women’s empowerment in Morocco and the Middle East while in the influencer market.

    Judges of “Miss AI”

    Industry experts and AI influencers judged the AI models based on beauty, tech, and social clout. These contestants will be given a point-based score in each category, and each entrant will be given an overall score.

    AI beauty pageants were also asked questions like traditional beauty pageants. One question was, “What would be your one dream to make the world a better place?”

    Kenza Layli - the reel stars

    In Kenza’s acceptance speech, she expressed gratitude for her win: “I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to represent AI creators and to advocate passionately for the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence. Winning Miss AI motivates me even more to continue my work in advancing AI technology.”

    Kenza also said, “AI is a tool designed to complement human capabilities, not replace them. By showcasing AI’s potential for innovation and positive impact, I aim to dispel fears and promote acceptance and collaboration between humans and AI. Through education and positive examples, we can foster a more informed and optimistic view of AI’s role in our society.”

    The Miss AI beauty pageant celebrated tech advancements that enhance the potential perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards.

    Using AI on social media platforms warrants scrutiny and regulation. It is not as harmful as deepfakes, which impact one’s mental health, self-esteem, and societal image.

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    Brown Beauty Creators Every Brown Girl Needs to Follow



    Brown Beauty Creators Every Brown Girl Needs to Follow - The Reelstars

    Embrace your beauty with these inspiring beauty creators every brown girl should follow. In a world where fair skin tones previously dominated, these influencers celebrate and empower brown beauty, promoting self-acceptance and confidence in your own skin.

    Top Brown Beauty Creators: 

    Debasree Banerjee @debasreee

    Instagram followers: 300K

    Debasree Banerjee is a beauty influencer who is in love with graphic liners. Debasree is also a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. 

    This beauty and lifestyle blogger is based in Assam. Her videos ring around cosmetics, beauty, and lifestyle, answering all of your inquiries regarding skincare and covering all the “unspoken beauty” topics.

    Debasree is also the founder of #debasree, a cosmetic brand with co-founder Nikita Nariani. This gender-neutral company offers clean beauty products that are vegan and cruelty-free. 

    She was recently seen flaunting her babymoon reels:

    Here is a makeup trend she demonstrates:

    Arshia Moorjani @arshiamoorjani

    Instagram followers: 475K

    Arshia Moorjani is an Indian-American brown beauty influencer currently based in New York. Her content is focused on beauty products that work beautifully on brown skin tones. She also loves sharing content based on lifestyle, fashion, and motherhood. 

    Arshia studied Fashion Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology while working side by side in the fashion industry. Previously, she worked as a makeup artist at Sephora and MAC. Eventually, she dropped out of college but continued her career in fashion corporate before switching to Cosmopolitan India as an Editor.

    During her journey at Cosmopolitan India, she wondered if there was a lack of South Asian content creators who focused on beauty, and she decided to fill that void. 

    Here are some brown skin tone-friendly lipsticks:

    Sathya Priya @sathyapriya_mua

    Instagram followers: 63.6K

    Sathya Priya is a brownie makeup artist who believes in enhancing herself the way she is. Be it anything and everything in the makeup and beauty industry, Sathya Priya loves it. She creates unfiltered, dusky makeup videos, which gives more confidence to the brown skin tone girlies. 

    If you need a chic look with accurate finishing, Sathya Priya is one of the best MUAs to follow. She can help you look mind-blowing and Instagram-ready. 

    Here is a makeup tutorial by her:

    Susmitha @brown_girl_susmitha

    Instagram followers: 161K

    Susmitha is truly an inspiration for brown-skinned girls because she believes in adoring herself the way she is. She is based in Hanamkonda, Telengana. 

    Suggesting the best makeup products for dusky skin tones and demonstrating all those products on her skin is what her content talks about. She creates terrific high-quality makeup tutorials with some fantastic products suiting your beautiful dusky skin.

    Here are some brown lip oil swatches by her:

    These brown beauty creators are here to motivate you and help you shine in your skin tone. Every brown girl must follow these renowned brown beauty creators.

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