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Niharika NM – A Bengaluru Content Creator Reached Kollywood And Hollywood



Niharika NM - The Reelstars

Digital creator Niharika NM, recognized for her comedy content, is a social media star based in Bengaluru. She has been creating reels based on reality checks turned into roasting reality for the last 8 years. She is filled with golden retriever energy all the time.

Did you know? Niharika prefers psychological thrillers such as Get Out and animated movies like Coco for a late-night watch. She finds songs from Chak De India very inspirational. Her favorite dish is black-cod with miso, which is served at Nobu in LA.

She has worked with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Ajay Devgn and John Legend too.

Niharika was born and raised in Bengaluru. She is an engineer who completed her MBA from Chapman University in California. At the Moneycontrol Creator Economy Summit, she said she rejected a job at Google at the age of 25.

She said that repudiating Google was not a forceful decision. Her whole family came together to discuss the pros and cons before she refused Google’s offer. 

She did this for her content creation journey, as she never wanted to market other brands; instead, she wanted to be a brand herself. 

She said that her mum would have been proud if she had opted for that job. Besides, so maybe she is not doing things by the book. But it was unrealistic to be selected; it was her dream until her dreams changed and became a content creator’s life.

How did Niharika NM crack the Google Interview:

Getting selected at Google depends on different factors, and as per Niharika NM. Besides, there is no specific formula for cracking one. It depends on which position you’re applying for, your course, your mentors, your network. Moreover, the college you’ve been to, the alumni, and the people.

“If you’ve done an MBA, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re applying to Google, I assume you have an MBA. So, man, you do you,” she added to Hindustan Times.

Niharika’s Debut in Kollywood:

Exciting news for Niharika’s fans! She is all set to make her Kollywood Tamil film debut. However, she will share the screen with Atharvaa in a lead role. The film, directed by the talented debutant Akash Baskara, is being produced by Lyca Productions. 

Niharika has been to the Cannes Film Festival three times. This year, she was invited to Cannes’24 for her Tamil cinema debut. Niharika NM said to the Times Of India, “It was a fun film. It’s entertaining. It has romance, comedy, friendships, heartbreaks, and road trips, and it’s partially shot in New York. I get to take a road trip to New York, as I play a character who lives in New York.”

Niharika’s Hollywood Debut:

Proving her versatility, Niharika made her Hollywood debut in 2023 with a cameo in the popular Netflix series Big Mouth. She shared the screen with well-known personalities like Megan Thee Stallion, Jordan Peele, and Padma Lakshmi. Moreover, leaving a lasting impression with her comedic timing.

Overall, Niharika NM is a striking and humorous personality. Furthermore, who repudiated her Google job opportunity to continue her journey as a content creator. Her Digital content led her to her debut in Kollywood as a leading heroine. However, a cameo in the Hollywood Netflix series Big Mouth.

Muskaan Valecha is a newbie journalist who loves to write poetry and explore different genres of content including entertainment, lifestyle, food and more. She is also studying for a law degree.


Accessories That Are Quirky and Absolutely Slay



inlfuencers wearing accessories - the reel stars

Whether you love accessories or are just someone who spends most of their time on the internet (mostly scrolling on Instagram), you may have come across a certain insta-worthy and aesthetic looking tomato. It demands more than a glance just for how it looks. After @homocowboi captioned this rare tomato as “so Loewe, I can’t explain it” on his X account (formerly Twitter) it soon became viral.

And in fact, even reached Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe! In no time, Jonathon inspired by this fruit, made an actual bag to replicate it!

This meme-to-reality scenario created a frenzy online and gave fashion lovers yet another accessory to get their hands on.

This unique accessory reminded me of some of the unique pieces worn by our favorite. ReelStars that are as quirky as the tomato bag & have all the reasons to go viral.

Here are some quirky accessories we’d spend our money on, just like these influencers:

Amrita Thakur 

When Amrita posted her pictures from the Tiffany event in Mumbai, her followers couldn’t stop gushing over her unique shoes. Leave it to Amrita to absolutely slay a look that may look basic on anyone else.  She always looks chic. In this demure look the touch of quirky shoes adds to the drama. These statement leather bow mules by Numero Ventuno are a conversation started and a showstopper at the same time.

Siddharth Batra

Siddharth’s insta bio says “RULE BREAKER”, well it should be “RULE MAKER” & everyone else should just follow. Time and again Siddharth has given his followers tutorials on how everything is so easy to pull off (It isn’t, he just makes it look easy). His choice of accessories especially earrings are all worthy of going viral online. Scroll through his Instagram & there have been so many times that Siddharth has absolutely rocked earpieces be it massive white floral earrings or these custom statement earrings by Outhouse. Curated for Siddharth make him look like a fashion warrior & his earrings look like his ultimate weapon. 

siddharth batra - the reel stars

Aashna Shroff

One of the OG influencers of India, Aashna has carved a niche with her fashion choices and makeup skills. Her Instagram is filled with looks that can be used as a reference to replicate. She recently posted her pictures in a stunning lehenga, but her choice of bag stole all the limelight. This gigantic pearl with an unusual handle is an attention-demanding piece. This bag by CultGaia is “a true objet d’Art ” as the brand calls it, meaning “a small decorative or artistic object or a collectable item” & we agree with all of the synonyms. It is an accessory when worn or an art piece on a shelf, in any case. Moreover, it’s a serve and deserves all the attention that it easily attracts.

aashna shroff - the reel stars

Today it’s the tomato, tomorrow it will be something else, that will inspire brands or designers to swirl their fashion magic wand & turn them into reality. After all, everyone wants to be relatable, on-trend & more importantly, everyone aims to be viral these days. These items often go viral & are nowhere to be seen once the buzz dies down. But they always make their way into the right fashionista’s closet at the right time!

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