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Fact-Checking Your Feed: A Look At Indian Political Influencers



dhruv rathee akash banerjee youtube video - the reelstars

If you’re on any social media platform in India, it is easy to notice how every political party has been maximizing on the reach of influencers for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. From Ranveer Alahabadia’s interactions with PM Modi to Kamia Jani’s interview with Rahul Gandhi, campaigning is in full throttle to reach young India through social media. While the internet is the main source of information, the problem is, India faces a significant challenge with misinformation, particularly around political issues. While previous generations relied on mainstream media for authentic news in the past, the government propaganda being served by biased channels in recent years has made it hard to rely on them for facts. This is where Indian political influencers who speak up against the establishment come in.

Many Indian influencers/creators have been using their platforms to fact-check claims, debunk fake news, and provide reliable sources of information. This empowers citizens to make informed decisions based on truth. Blindly following the footsteps of actors or mass media personalities without any real background information is NOT the way the younger generation, especially first-time voters should determine their vote! So, whom can you follow to make an informed vote?

Indian Political Influencers Empowering Young India:

Dhruv Rathee

With 6 million followers on Instagram, Dhruv Rathee is probably one of the most influential when it comes to political content in India. Named amongst the TIME’s Next Generation Leaders in 2023, his narrative on politics in India works to expose the falsehoods spread by mainstream media these days. His video titled “Is India becoming a Dictatorship?” released in February garnered more than 24 million views. While his content has a strong fanbase, it also attracts a lot of hate from supporters of parties he speaks up against. Channels like “An Open Letter” and “Aaj Ki Taza Khabar” consistently put out content to “expose” Rathee.

Akash Banerjee

Akash Banerjee AKA The Deshbhakt, is “Keeping #IndiaFirst with Hard Facts & Blunt Satire” for the 4.07 million YT subscribers & 844K IG follower communities he’s built. His channel is considered one of the first political and social satire platforms in the country, made especially to help the digital generation. Banerjee’s humorous yet serious content constantly emphasizes that all political parties in the country are the same, none above the other, and citizens should question everything in order to help safeguard the interests of democracy in India. In the video attached here, he hosted an interview with fellow creator Dhruv Rathee, discussing the threat of dictatorship in the current political state of the country. With over 9 million views, this interview has sparked many discussions prior to the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in May 2024.

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Sudhanshu Kaushik

Another account to pay attention to belongs to Sudhanshu Kaushik’s’, an Indian American youth rights activist who founded the Young India Foundation. In his book “The Future Is Ours”, he rouses young Indians to think about whether they are ready to participate actively in politics to determine their future. With 13.4k followers on Instagram, his content isn’t as markedly against a certain party but more focused on making the youth realize how much their vote and participation in politics counts!

While each person has their own views and biases, it is important to take a look at different perspectives to actually build a knowledgeable opinion for yourself. While one creator might be leftist and the other pro-right, citizens can view the content to create their own views. The election commission itself needs to put some rules and guidelines in place to prevent the spread of misinformation through mass or social media. Even if a party employs the aid of a micro-influencer, that’s a few thousand votes in their favor just through influencer marketing!

Anusuya, a Bengali girl in Bengaluru, is an experienced content specialist with a passion for writing compelling articles & blogs while crafting engaging social media posts & website copy. Currently a content manager, she thrives on being hands-on in the creative process. When not meeting deadlines, she enjoys Pinterest-planning her next trips; to explore new cities and immerse herself in local cultures, especially local food. Is it any wonder she chose a degree in Travel & Tourism?


Why Kavya Karnatac said no to an Ambani wedding collab



Kavya Karnatac said no to an Ambani wedding brand collab - The Reelstars

Kavya Karnatac has been creating interesting content around Indian geography and culture for a while now, and the highlight of her social media career has been the National Creator award that she was honoured with earlier this year. The creator acknowledges that she charges around Rs 3 lakh per brand collab, and has explained why in detail in a LinkedIn post. Last week, however, she posted a detailed account of why she turned down a Rs 3.6 lakh deal that was part of ‘Ambani’s PR activation’.

Kavya says she usually does 6 branded pieces out of 30 pieces of original content she puts out every month. She says that she was approached to ‘discuss how Ambani’s wedding would boost the Indian economy’. The offer far exceeded her usual rate of around Rs 3 lakh, and the creator’s parents too urged her to accept it. However, Kavya Karnatac, who boasts 1.6 million Instagram followers and 700K YouTube subscribers, declined the lucrative offer. Her reasons?

‘I said no to the Ambani wedding’

She didn’t want to be part of an ‘overwhelming crowd promoting the same narrative’ (if you have been bombarded with Ambani wedding content this past week, you now know where most of it was coming from). She says she didn’t want to dilute her own brand’s uniqueness. Quite rightly, Kavya pointed out that audiences can discern between paid and organic content, and she wanted to retain her audience’s trust in her. A Tata Institute of Social Sciences alumnus, Kavya says she believes in strong ethics, and the Ambani wedding that conformed to all conventions of caste, class, gender and religion, would have been misleading to her followers who admire her values.

Kavya Karnatac – a creator who lives by her ethics

In her post, Kavya Karnatac has admitted that saying no to such deals can be challenging and that she could do so because she is at a stage in her career that allows her to make such choices. In the earlier post where she explains her charges for brand collabs, Kavya said she has a team of 10 persons she has to maintain, and that she charges a premium for her content to maintain value in the creative industry, and to enable young creators to make a living out of it. Apart from brands like The Coca Cola company, ITC and Google, Kavya acknowledges that she has done collabs for Vantara, the Ambani venture in Gujarat. She however said she did so since the project aligned with her values.

Do you think we will get to see Kavya Karnatac being approached for any venture that’s promoted by the Ambanis henceforth? Or do you feel Kavya will now emerge as a beacon for young creators who can sift the grain from the chaff while accepting brand collabs? Kavya may have taken a hit in short term gain and made a foe of the most powerful Indian family in the bargain, but the number of plaudits and encouraging words she has evoked on her LinkedIn post ensure that Brand Kavya has established itself a notch firmer with this resolve.

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Finding Your Niche: The Secret Sauce to Content Creation Success



saloni mehta vegan baker - the reelstars

In the vast ocean of content creators, standing out can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But fear not! Your unique voice and perspective are the keys to unlocking your niche. But what exactly is a niche, and how do you discover yours? Let’s dive in and discover how to find your place in the digital world.

What is a Niche?

A niche is essentially your specialized corner of the internet. It’s a specific topic, interest, or demographic that you focus on with your content. For example, instead of being a general “food” creator, you could specialize in vegan baking, or instead of a broad “fitness” influencer, you could focus on yoga for seniors.

But, you make wonder, why bother with a niche? Why can’t you do it all? Won’t it allow you to find a bigger audience? Here’s why:

Why Bother with a Niche?

Find Your People: When you focus on a specific area, you attract people who are really into it. Imagine having a dedicated fanbase who can’t get enough of your content!

Take Saloni Mehta, for instance. This baker found her niche in vegan and eggless baking. Her audience knows precisely what they’re following her for and don’t have to scour her entire feed for a vegan recipe. Narrowing down her niche (and obviously, posting some great recipes) has allowed her to grow to 404K followers!

Become an Expert: The more you dive into your niche, the more you’ll know. People love experts. They trust you, they share your content, and boom, you’ve got a loyal following.

Less Competition: Sure, there are people in every niche, but it’s usually less crowded than the general market. You’ve got a better chance to shine.

So, How Do You Find Your Niche?

Start with what you love. What gets you excited? Is there an audience for your passion? What are people searching for? Who are you trying to reach? Understanding your audience is key. And finally, experiment! Don’t be afraid to try different things. Your niche might evolve. The more you try (and even fail), the closer you are to finding what you’re good at.

Here Are Some Tips For Developing Your Niche:

  • Be Specific: The more specific your niche, the better.
  • Find Your Angle: What unique perspective can you offer?
  • Build a Community: Engage with your audience and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Consistency is Key: Regular posting keeps your audience engaged.
  • Adapt and Evolve: The content landscape changes. Be ready to adjust your niche if needed.

Remember, Authenticity is Key

Your genuine passion and personality will shine through in your content. Be yourself, and your audience will connect with you on a deeper level.

Finding your niche is not about being perfect; it’s about being authentic and consistent. Embrace the journey, and don’t be afraid to take risks. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll create content that resonates with your audience and builds a thriving community.

Do you have a specific niche in mind? Do a little bit of brainstorming and find the perfect niche for your content creation journey! The most important part is to just get started!

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Influencer Aanvi Kamdar Dies While Shooting A Reel On Trip



Aanvi Kamdar | The Reelstars

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Aanvi Kamdar, a 26-year-old Instagram influencer, @theglocaljourney, renowned for her adventurous spirit and captivating content, met with a tragic accident while documenting the scenic beauty of Kumbhe waterfall near Maharashtra’s Raigad district. Aanvi, known for her passionate exploration of monsoon destinations and quirky social media posts, fell into a deep gorge during an outing with friends on July 16, 2024

A report published in the Scoope News mentioned that the local authorities swiftly mobilized a rescue effort, with teams from the Coast Guard, Kolad rescue unit, and Maharashtra State Electricity Board joining forces to retrieve her from the challenging terrain. Despite their valiant efforts, Aanvi succumbed to her injuries upon reaching Managaon sub-district hospital.

A video shared by Vadalwara LIVE on YouTube mentioned the same.

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The incident has sparked an outpouring of condolences from the influencer community and beyond, highlighting the risks inherent in capturing nature’s beauty. Officials, including the Tehsildar and Managaon police inspector, have issued a plea for responsible tourism, emphasizing the need for safety precautions when exploring the picturesque Sahyadri ranges.

Aanvi Kamdar’s untimely demise serves as a poignant reminder of the dedication influencers bring to their craft and the unforeseen dangers they sometimes face in pursuit of sharing their passions with the world. Her legacy as a spirited adventurer and storyteller will undoubtedly endure through the memories she shared with her followers.

The Reelstars offers condolences to her family and friends. Rest in Peace, Aanvi.

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