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Sindhi Creators Sharing Sindhi Culture Through Their Content



Sindhi Content Creators Enhancing Sindhi Culture - The Reelstars

With their unwavering dedication, Sindhi Content Creators are doing their best to keep the Sindhi Culture alive through their content creation skills. They tirelessly spread awareness about Sindhi textiles, language, food, songs, rituals, and festivities, ensuring the rich heritage of Sindhis.

Did you know? Sindhis worship Jhulelal—Varun Devta and they always greet everyone by saying “Jai Jhulelal.” 

Top Sindhi Content Creators:

Bhavisha Ramesh Jaisinghani @bhavisha.jaisinghani

Instagram followers: 46.6K 

Sindhi Content Creators Bhavisha Ramesh Jaisinghani

Bhavisha Ramesh Jaisinghani is a home chef from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, who loves cooking Sindhi food and has become a content creator. She started creating content a year ago and has gained a massive following on her Instagram handle. Her daughter is her backbone in her content creation journey, as she handles her social media pages.

Bhavisha aims to make Sindhi food popular worldwide so that people know how beautifully it is prepared with all the special Sindhi spices.

Bhavisha has also been to India’s Master Chef thrice, but she couldn’t continue ahead due to her husband’s health issues. As a single mother, she’s stayed independent and conducts cooking and baking classes. Students from foreign come to her to learn cooking so that their simple cooking turns into a lip-smacking and delicious cuisine.

She teaches Sindhi, Chinese and Spanish cuisines amongst various other cuisines. Her home-cooked Majoon (dry fruits and mawa sweet), and Lola (made with wheat flour, jaggery, sugar and ghee) are delivered across countries like London, Dubai, Jamaica, Spain, South Africa, Jakarta and Karachi, Pakistan.

Gaurav Poptani @gauravpoptanimusic

Instagram followers: 3,226

Sindhi Content Creators Gaurav Poptani

Gaurav Poptani is a Sindhi singer from Akola, Maharashtra. His mother’s dream was to become a singer before her marriage, but due to restrictions from her family, she couldn’t fulfill her dream, so now Gaurav wants to fulfill her dream. Also, his mother, Bharti Poptani, released a Sindhi bhajan ‘Akhe jo Bhajan’ on YouTube. While learning to play the tabla, singing classes also used to take place there and gradually Gaurav started getting fascinated by singing and learning it, too. He used to learn Hindustani classical singing, wherein he learned a few Raags and applied that to his Sindhi singing journey.

Being a self-trained Sindhi singer was a challenging journey for him. Gaurav also won a few singing competitions held in Akola. Similarly, where his name was published in the newspaper, and that’s how he became famous. 

In 2023, he released his two Sindhi songs, “Sindhi Mithdi Boli” and “Chaliye Jo Melo,” on Spotify and YouTube. He also hosts shows as a Sindhi Singer for Sindhi events across India. His shows are held in Ayodhya, Amravati, Akola, Satna, Bhusaval, Gondia, and many other places. A new sindhi song, based on “Maa,” will be released soon, as it has never happened before in the Sindhi industry, and will be sung by Gaurav Poptani. 

Lakhan Gurdasani @thesindhshow

Instagram Followers: 32K

Lakhan Gurdasani is a Sindhi podcaster from Thane, Mumbai. Lakhan, the host of ‘The Sindh Show’, started this channel exactly a year ago in 2023 and he has almost completed half a century of episodes, with 6 seasons and 8 episodes each which is a wonderful way of presenting Sindhi culture and creating awareness about Sindhis. Every language has its own podcast be it Hindi, Marathi, or Gujarati so why not a Podcast in Sindhi? That’s how Lakhan launched ‘The Sindh Show’. Before he was thinking of a name something like ‘Talk Show with Lakhan Gurdasani’ or ‘Chai Coffee with Lakhan Gurdasani.’ But he thought of doing something related to his mother tongue ‘Sindhi’, and that’s how ‘The Sindh Show’ came into existence. 

Lakhan started with a 4-member team and now has 9 people in his team. The Sindhi Show has completed 32K followers in a year on Instagram and on YouTube it’s about to complete 5K subscribers.

Lakhan is also a passionate singer. He sings in Hindi and Sindhi and holds shows across India, such as Jaipur, Jabalpur, Indore, Mumbai, etc. This is also a way in which he creates content to spread sindhi culture through his melodious voice. He also conducts Hindustani classical singing and guitar classes. 

Dr. Umesh Wadhavani @chaikokinutrition

Instagram followers: 16K

Dr. Umesh Wadhavani is originally from a small village in Gujarat called Piplod and currently resides in Pune. Studied for his Master’s in Healthcare Management from Oxford University in the UK and worked there for 11 years. Coming back to India due to the pandemic that was a time that he did not have anything to do. So he thought of content creation. He started creating videos in his farm in his village in Piplod, his nephew shot it, wherein he use to give health tips being a professional Nutritionist. Now, he has a 19-member team for his content creation.

Dr. Umesh wants people to live medicine-free lives, and he doesn’t believe in healing people. Moreover, with fancy diets but instead with homemade food. People started liking his content, so they approached him for personal consultations, corporate seminars, sessions at religious communities, and the Lions Club. He thought, what could be a better love language than our mother tongue, Sindhi? Thus, he started his Sindhi content creation journey with ‘Chai Koki Nutrition’. In just three months, he got 16K followers on this Instagram handle.

These budding sindhi content creators are contributing greatly to spreading awareness. However, about Sindhi culture, to reach and teach their language all over the world. 

Muskaan Valecha is a newbie journalist who loves to write poetry and explore different genres of content including entertainment, lifestyle, food and more. She is also studying for a law degree.


Talented Artists on Social Media You Need To Listen To



In the age of digital discovery, the music industry has undergone a seismic shift. Social media platforms have transformed into breeding grounds for a new wave of artists, who are blending the classic art of cover songs with the raw authenticity of original music. These talented artists are captivating audiences with their unique blend of talent and technology, redefining the path to stardom.

Let’s take a look at these talented artists on social media:

Zeba Tommy @zeba.tommy

Zeba Tommy is a multilingual singer from the coastal town of Kochi. She is a talented singer, performer and a vocal-arranger who is quite popular on social media. Amongst various other projects, Zeba has lent her voice to an advertisement by Swa Diamonds and also to “Hridayam, a way through heart,” a musical video by Sacred Heart college students. She often collaborates with various singers for projects or her own content as well. She has also lent her voice to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web series “Heeramandi – The Diamond Bazaar”. Some languages she sings in are Hindi, English, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Zeba’s latest songs are Kaattin Chiri Kelkkam from Kaattin Chiri Kelkkam (From “Secret “) and Sadhaa from Philip’s in 2024, The First Tear Drop and Into The Future from Love Mouli in 2022. 

Here is a cover by Zeba:

Ashmita Bartaria @ashmita.bartaria

Ashmita Bartaria is a singer who designed her creative umbrella. She loves to sing, write and design. Being a Director at World Trade Park, she is based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Here is a self-written version of ‘Pehele Bhi Main’ from Animal by Ashmita:

She also creates background music for her covers with various sounds and instruments. Get ready to be captivated by this incredibly talented singer.

Ashmita sings melodious covers in Hindi, mostly Bollywood songs. When she collaborates with artists, she brings out the best in herself. 

Muheet Bharti @muheetbharti

Muheet Bharti is an Indian classical singer, composer and music producer. Born in Kota, Rajasthan, he grew up in a musical family. Graduating from Berklee College of Music, Boston in 2021, he became a professional musician. Exploring different ragas he created 4 songs of his own: Jithe Pyaar, Maira, Ab Mori Chhaad De and Dil Kya Kahe. He sang for an advertisement of ‘Mango Fruity Jingle,’ getting an opportunity to work with Nadia Chauhan, Alia Bhatt, and Salim Merchant. He also loves to sing covers of Ghazals and Kalaams of veteran artists. 

Here is a cover by Muheet: 

Biraj Guhabiswas @biraj_music

Biraj Guhabiswas is a singer who makes soothing songs with series on Instagram. Recently, he started singing ‘Underrated Songs’, which are melodious to listen to. Being a Bengali, he sings in Hindi as well as Bengali. Based out of Delhi, he also sings in Punjabi and sings amazing covers inspired by Bollywood songs. Biraj believes that music can heal anything. 

Biraj’s self-written song: 

Prateek Jumrani @prateekjumranilive

Prateek Jumrani is a musician based out of Hyderabad. He sings in wide range of Styles and Genres like Ghazals, Sufi, Retro, Rock, Punjabi, Bollwood Music. Posting soulful music covers inspired by Bollywood music on his Instagram handle is his way of expressing love for music.

Here is a Gujarati song cover by Prateek:

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Top 5 Kid Influencers To Follow On Instagram



Kid Influencers-The Reelstars

Apart from young influencers, there are a talented bunch of kids who are taking social media by storm. These kids influencers are the rising stars of social media, captivating audiences with their unique charm and creativity. These young talents, often guided by their parents or guardians, are making waves across various platforms, particularly Instagram. Their influence extends far beyond their age, as they engage in a wide range of activities that appeal to diverse audiences.

Want to know more about these little champs? Here is a list of kid influencers who need to be followed on Instagram!

Keya Ingle

Keya Ingle is a popular kid influencer renowned for her engaging content on social media, particularly Instagram. She shares a diverse range of posts, including fashion, dance, and fun lifestyle moments, showcasing her vibrant personality and creativity. Keya has garnered a significant following due to her charming presence and relatable content, making her a beloved figure among children and families. Notably, she has received accolades such as ‘The Rising Star Kids Award’ and the ‘Maharashtra Yuva Star Award’ for Best Child Actor Influencer.

Kiara Nautiyal

Kiara Nautiyal is a talented young influencer celebrated for her vibrant presence on Instagram. As both a fashion and lifestyle influencer, she has quickly become one of the most successful child influencers in India, boasting an impressive fan base of 540K followers. Kiara was honored as ‘Best Child Influencer’ at the Impact Digital Influencer Awards 2022, solidifying her status in the digital space.

Amreen Malhotra

Amreen Malhotra is well-known for her captivating fashion, beauty, fun, and lip-sync videos. She has collaborated with several major brands and amassed a strong following of 491K on Instagram, placing her among the top child influencers. Amreen’s content not only entertains but also inspires her audience, reflecting the growing trend of young creators making an impact in the digital landscape.

Aayu Pihu

Aayu Pihu is a beloved sibling duo recognized for their entertaining and family-friendly content across social media, especially Instagram and YouTube. They create fun videos featuring challenges, skits, and dance routines that resonate with kids and families alike. Their charming personalities and playful interactions have earned them a substantial following. Aayu Pihu’s content is marked by its lightheartedness and relatability, making them cherished figures among kid influencers. Their videos promote positivity and creativity, appealing to a wide audience of young viewers.

Vyomi Radadia

Vyomi Radadia is an exceptional dancer known for her ability to master dance and hoop routines with grace and precision. Her captivating dance videos receive enthusiastic responses from her fans. Despite her young age, Vyomi has already made a name for herself on Instagram, becoming a popular figure among her peers.

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Male Creators Who Steal the Show, But as Women



Actors cum creators-The Reelstars

Several male creators dress up as women, often for comedic purposes or to explore gender fluidity in their content. The main aim is to entertain their fans and followers through their acts. These creators frequently use social media platforms to break stereotypes, challenge societal norms, and deliver a unique brand of humour. And they’ve been stealing the show, just by crossdressing as women!

Here are some notable actors /creators who dress up as women to entertain and bring a unique perspective to their content:

Gaurav Gera

Gaurav Gera is a well-known actor and creator who has gained popularity for his humorous and relatable characters. His most famous character, Chutki, is a young, bubbly girl who engages in light-hearted and funny conversations. Chutki’s interactions, especially with her neighbour, the Shopkeeper (also played by Gaurav), have become viral sensations. He has also created and portrayed various other characters, including Billi Mausi and Beta Ji, each bringing unique comedic elements to his content.

Ssumier Pasricha

Actor and creator Ssumier Pasricha is famous for his character “Pammi Aunty,” a middle-aged Punjabi woman who delivers humorous takes on everyday life. Pammi Aunty, who loves to gossip and discuss daily issues with a humorous twist, is easily recognizable by her floral headscarf, large glasses, and ubiquitous rolling pin. Ssumier’s portrayal of Pammi Aunty showcases his talent for comedy and his ability to connect with audiences through humor and satire.

Sanket Bhosale

Sanket Bhosale is a renowned comedian, mimicry artist, actor, and social media personality. He is best known for his impeccable mimicry skills and humorous portrayals of various celebrities. Sanket often entertains his followers by dressing up as a girl, playing a character who frequently cries over petty things. His mimicry videos and performances have made him a beloved figure in the Indian comedy scene, earning him a loyal fan base on social media.

Rohit Gujjar

Rohit Gujjar is known for his versatility and has gained popularity through his unique style of comedy and engaging social media presence. He often dresses up as female characters in his comedic videos, receiving great responses on social media platforms. Rohit frequently collaborates with Gaurav Gera, where they both turn into make-up artists, adding a humorous twist to their content.

These creators continue to entertain and engage their audiences with their humorous and innovative content, using their characters to bring joy and laughter to their followers. Dare we say, they’re some of the funniest (wo)men we know?

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