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Welcome to The Reelstars, where we’re spicing up the digital scene with a colorful splash of India’s coolest content creators! This isn’t just another platform; it’s your backstage pass to the hustle and heart behind India’s influencer magic. From fashion divas and tech wizards to lifestyle gurus and entertainment jesters, we’re here to shine a spotlight on the folks who make scrolling through your feed a day-brightening adventure. Our goal? To connect these dazzling stars with fans and brands alike, creating a buzzing community that’s all about celebrating creativity, diversity, and the stories that make us uniquely us. So, if you’re into getting the inside scoop on India’s digital darlings, stick around.

Aparna Joshi

Editor in Chief
With over 30 years of journalistic experience, Aparna is a media maven who has been at the forefront of the media business for over two decades. Renowned for her pioneering spirit, she spearheaded the launch of many popular Indian websites focusing on the aspects of the television industry and has also served as the founding editor of the nation’s premier music trade print magazine. Aparna’s editorial prowess has graced esteemed publications such as The Guardian UK, The Times of India, and the Indian Express. With a rich tapestry of experience, she brings unparalleled insight and industry knowledge to our team.

Jigar Ganatra

Consulting Editor: Strategy & Business
A seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the media industry, Jigar has a proven track record of crafting content and marketing strategies for renowned digital publications and brings unparalleled expertise to our team. His keen insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian media industry enable him to spot trends before they go viral and identify emerging niches poised for mainstream success. Passionate about marketing, branding, and advertising, Jigar’s focus extends to the dynamic realms of social media, influencer culture, and the creator community. With Jigar on board, we’re equipped with a professional dedicated to driving innovation and success.
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