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5 LGBTQ Creators Whose Fashion Game Is On Point!



LGBTQ Creators-The Reel Stars

LGBTQ creators have made significant contributions across various fields, like, art, film, music, fashion, makeup, and more. This community is usually referred to as the queer community comprised of individuals who are identified as queer, lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and more.

Social media plays an important role in the LGBTQ community enabling spreading awareness and advocating social change. Many LGBTQ individuals use Instagram to share their personal stories and experiences and also flaunt their impeccable fashion and make-up sense.

Fashion in this community is as colourful and diverse as the community itself. It’s not defined by any one style, but rather encompasses a wide range of expressions that reflect individual identities, tastes, and cultural influences.

Here are some notable LGBTQ community fashion icons who are breaking stereotypes with their fashion and amazing content.

Sushant Divgikr

Sushant Divgikr, also known as Rani Ko-He-Nur, is a singer, model, actor, performer, and LGBTQ+ activist. He gained prominence after participating in the reality show Bigg Boss 8. In 2014, Sushant was crowned as Mr Gay India 2014 and also represented India at Mr Gay World 2014. Sushant recently made his Bollywood debut with the film Thank You For Coming. Sushant’s talent is not only restricted to the glamourous world but is also known for his fashion game. He often says that fashion for him is like self-expression. However, From acing a look in a saree to wearing a mini skirt. Now, Sushant knows how to achieve a glamorous look.

Alok V Menon

With time, it is been understood that art and talent have nothing to do with gender. Similarly, writer, artist and social media personality Alok V Menon is a perfect example that fashion is an art and he is a pioneer in it. The fashionista Alok has been featured on various TV channels and presented their work at more than 500 venues in more than 40 countries. Alok often flaunts his high-fashion garments and has impeccable taste and ability to put together stylish outfits.

Anwesh Sahoo

Anwesh Sahoo is an Indian author, motivational speaker, and LGBTQ rights activist. He gained significant attention for his work in promoting LGBTQ rights and inclusivity in India. Not just that, he was also crowned Mr. Gay World India in 2016. His Instagram is as colourful as his personality. Besides, He experiments with fashion and make-up using different colours, patterns, and silhouettes to create unique and visually appealing looks. He makes people re-imagine fashion and shows that it can be expressed in this way as well!

Vivek Shraya

Vivek is a Canadian musician, writer, and visual artist and the author of the book ‘I’m Afraid of Men’. She is a transgender woman known for her multifaceted contributions to the arts and her advocacy for LGBTQ rights. However, She has received numerous accolades for her work, including Lambda Literary Award nominations and recognition from major Canadian arts councils. What we love about Vivek is her confidence to carry any outfit with sheer grace. She is known for her bold, avant-garde style that challenges traditional gender norms in fashion.

Durga Gawde

Durga Gawde is a prominent artist, sculptor, drag king, and LGBTQ activist known for their innovative work and advocacy for gender inclusivity. However, They have been recognized as a trailblazer in the Indian art scene and the LGBTQ community. Durga’s Instagram is full of glamorous photos, looking exquisite. Known for their distinctive personal style, which often includes bold, colorful clothing and accessories that challenge traditional gender norms. Furthermore, Their fashion choices are a form of self-expression and a statement on the fluidity of gender.

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Dharini Sanghavi is an entertainment journalist, and mom to a son. She has more than 13 years of experience and has worked with TellyChakkar and Koimoi. She is a social bird and is self-motivated by nature!


Komal Pandey’s Birthday OOTDs Get Better Every Year!



komal pandey - the reelstars

It’s Komal Pandey day! It is safe to say, there has been a fresh new way of fashion content being created online after Komal took over (literally). Her aesthetic sense not only with fashion but with everything that revolves around her content is so filmy. However, it instantly makes you, as they say, hit the like, share & comment button. With 10 years of being in content creation. Besides, Komal Pandey has dominated the fashion scene and has evolved into a stunning persona. 

Turning 30, Komal ringed in her birthday with one thing no one beat her at, in style. But no surprises there because she is always excited for her birthday & drops bombshell looks to celebrate her birthday.

Here are some of her birthday looks in recent years that only affirms why Komal has carved her own aesthetics & no one even comes closer to it.


Komal wore this Black sequin cut-out dress by Anuj Madaan & it is simply stunning on her. Daring some may say with the cut-out, well it’s her staple.

She has worn outfits from the label earlier when she received the Unrivalled Fashion Influencer of the Year in 2023. (Was anyone in competition?)


If there was anything that was buzzing in the fashion world in 2023, it was Barbie movie’s press tour. Komal being the quintessential lover of fashion & films dropped Barbie-themed Birthday look & it literally is for the books. The outfit, the glam, this look is so Barbie, that it should be turned into a doll. (Mattel India, anyone listening?)


Surrounded by disco balls, Komal shines in this outfit. She clearly loves coords and takes it to the next level when opting for her birthday look. The birthday girl knows how to make shimmer work.

Her birthday parties are attended by her closest friends like Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh. Furthermore, also her partner Siddharth Batra who also make it a point to dress for the occasion. But today is not about anyone else. It is Komal Pandey’s birthday & in the fashion scene it’s her world & we are just living in it. Wishing our favourite fashionista a very Happy Birthday.

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Nancy Tyagi Partners with Meesho For #MeeshoTrendz Campaign



Nancy Tyagi teams up with Meesho app - The Reelstars

Meesho, an e-commerce marketplace, teamed up with fashion influencer Nancy Tyagi for its #MeeshoTrendz campaign. This campaign aimed to connect with Gen Z by featuring the latest fashion trends at affordable prices.

Meesho successfully concluded its #MeeshoTrendz contest, running from February 1 to May 30, 2024. The contest aimed to empower fashion enthusiasts, providing a platform for content creators to showcase their talents.
The contest encouraged participants to highlight the latest styles from Meesho’s curated #trendz collection. This initiative aimed to give budding creators the recognition they deserve, regardless of their follower count.

Massive Audience Reach with Nancy Tyagi

The #MeeshoTrendz contest received nearly 35,000 entries and reached over 455 million people. This widespread engagement helped establish Meesho as a leading trendy e-commerce fashion destination.

Renowned fashion influencer Nancy Tyagi, famous for her ‘Outfit from Scratch’ series on Instagram, served as the contest judge. Her involvement brought a unique perspective and credibility to the contest.

Soumitra Choubey, associate director – brand marketing at Meesho, highlighted the campaign’s goals. “Our #trendz campaign celebrates individuality and affordability. Nancy Tyagi’s role as a judge helps democratize the process, empowering new talent.”

Nancy Tyagi’s Journey and Insights

However, Nancy Tyagi expressed her excitement about judging the contest. “From my first viral Meesho haul to judging the #trendz contest, it’s been a fantastic journey. Congratulations to all the winners! Your talent inspires me, and I look forward to seeing your future success.” Nancy Tyagi recently made waves with her debut appearance at the Cannes festival, as part of the Brut contingent. Her self-styled and self-stitched costumes evoked praise from fans and critics alike. Moreover, Her rise to fame from a small town influencer to walking the red carpet at Cannes has catapulted Nancy Tyagi to the big league.

Winners were celebrated with personal billboards in their hometowns, featuring photos from an exclusive shoot in Bengaluru. Furthermore, The top five winners will have their mood boards showcased on Meesho, enhancing their social media influence.

Grand Prizes for Top Creators

The grand prize winner received a cash prize of 30 lakh rupees. The top five winners also received special prizes and benefits. Additionally, the top 500 winners collectively received prizes worth Rs 30 lakh.

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Accessories That Are Quirky and Absolutely Slay



inlfuencers wearing accessories - the reel stars

Whether you love accessories or are just someone who spends most of their time on the internet (mostly scrolling on Instagram), you may have come across a certain insta-worthy and aesthetic looking tomato. It demands more than a glance just for how it looks. After @homocowboi captioned this rare tomato as “so Loewe, I can’t explain it” on his X account (formerly Twitter) it soon became viral.

And in fact, even reached Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe! In no time, Jonathon inspired by this fruit, made an actual bag to replicate it!

This meme-to-reality scenario created a frenzy online and gave fashion lovers yet another accessory to get their hands on.

This unique accessory reminded me of some of the unique pieces worn by our favorite. ReelStars that are as quirky as the tomato bag & have all the reasons to go viral.

Here are some quirky accessories we’d spend our money on, just like these influencers:

Amrita Thakur 

When Amrita posted her pictures from the Tiffany event in Mumbai, her followers couldn’t stop gushing over her unique shoes. Leave it to Amrita to absolutely slay a look that may look basic on anyone else.  She always looks chic. In this demure look the touch of quirky shoes adds to the drama. These statement leather bow mules by Numero Ventuno are a conversation started and a showstopper at the same time.

Siddharth Batra

Siddharth’s insta bio says “RULE BREAKER”, well it should be “RULE MAKER” & everyone else should just follow. Time and again Siddharth has given his followers tutorials on how everything is so easy to pull off (It isn’t, he just makes it look easy). His choice of accessories especially earrings are all worthy of going viral online. Scroll through his Instagram & there have been so many times that Siddharth has absolutely rocked earpieces be it massive white floral earrings or these custom statement earrings by Outhouse. Curated for Siddharth make him look like a fashion warrior & his earrings look like his ultimate weapon. 

siddharth batra - the reel stars

Aashna Shroff

One of the OG influencers of India, Aashna has carved a niche with her fashion choices and makeup skills. Her Instagram is filled with looks that can be used as a reference to replicate. She recently posted her pictures in a stunning lehenga, but her choice of bag stole all the limelight. This gigantic pearl with an unusual handle is an attention-demanding piece. This bag by CultGaia is “a true objet d’Art ” as the brand calls it, meaning “a small decorative or artistic object or a collectable item” & we agree with all of the synonyms. It is an accessory when worn or an art piece on a shelf, in any case. Moreover, it’s a serve and deserves all the attention that it easily attracts.

aashna shroff - the reel stars

Today it’s the tomato, tomorrow it will be something else, that will inspire brands or designers to swirl their fashion magic wand & turn them into reality. After all, everyone wants to be relatable, on-trend & more importantly, everyone aims to be viral these days. These items often go viral & are nowhere to be seen once the buzz dies down. But they always make their way into the right fashionista’s closet at the right time!

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