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BB Ki Vines fame Bhuvan Bam buys lavish bungalow worth 11 crore in South Delhi



Writer, singer, actor, and YouTube personality, who is known for his comedy channel on YouTube named BB Ki Vines, has bought a swanky bungalow.

Bhuvan has gained name, fame and indeed money for his hard work. He has emerged as India’s wealthiest YouTuber, with an astounding net worth of Rs 122 crore. He extracts this revenue through YouTube videos, brand deals, sponsors, web series.

As per latest reports, Bhuvan has purchased a bungalow in South Delhi’s Greater Kailash Part 3 area for Rs 11 crore. The land area of Bam’s new house is around 1,937 square feet and the total area of the bungalow is 2,233 square feet, which is supported by the documents of the posh property.

Reports also suggest that this property got registered on August 7, 2023, in Delhi.

On the work front, Bhuvan made his OTT debut last year in Taaza Khabar, which was followed by Amazon’s miniTV show Rafta Rafta.

Apart from this, he has also appeared on several TV reality shows including MTV Unplugged, Comedy Adda, Bigg Boss 15, and celebrity chat show, The Kapil Sharma Show.


Dharini Sanghavi is an entertainment journalist, and mom to a son. She has more than 13 years of experience and has worked with TellyChakkar and Koimoi. She is a social bird and is self-motivated by nature!


‘TEENfluencers’ Who Are Changing The Content Creation Game



chef kicha - the reel stars

Today, there’s a common belief that teenagers are missing out on traditional childhood experiences and are exposed to many things beyond their comprehension. Parents may feel that their children are callous and irresponsible, but with the rise in mental health issues and the immense academic pressure that this generation faces, teenagers have defied stereotypes and excelled in their own right. They have flourished in the face of adversity, serving as examples of determination for many. From excelling in academics and extra-curricular activities to managing successful social media accounts, these teens have proven that age is just a number. They have mastered the art of balance, defying expectations at every turn. Join us as we introduce you to the remarkable teenfluencers who can truly do it all!

At the young age of 6, she began making short format comedy videos that
her mother used to post via WhatsApp and Instagram for which she received immense
praise and her parents encouraged her to explore this talent and make more such videos.
She likes to call herself a ‘fries muncher’ but that isn’t the only thing she’s been munching,
from making trendy audios to viral comedy videos, she’s been smashing the social media
game with a whopping 13.8M subscribers on YouTube and 621K followers on Instagram.
She’s a hard worker by nature and it shows! She is known to shoot multiple videos in
advance so as to balance academics as well as timely uploads and her fans are as pleased
with her content as she is. Despite such a hectic schedule, her observant nature manages to
capture relevant concepts and execute them into relatable content with a tinge of humour.
She successfully manages to balance academics alongside her social media success and her
dedication is as impressive as it is commendable.

Wait there’s two of them? That’s the first thing that pops in your
mind when you stumble onto their page. They have proved to be good custodians of their
resources and use their platform to spread awareness by creating short films that inspire
their audience to aspire to be better individuals in their day-to-day lives. Thus far, they have successfully managed to inspire their 750K subscribers on YouTube as well as 16.8K on
Instagram. Their maturity and level-headedness, especially at such a young age are truly
inspirational and their videos constantly motivate us to be better individuals or at least
make an effort to try. Alongside keeping their audience socially aware, they also surprise
them with fun content, dance videos, vlogs, etc. that gives their fans a little more scoop into
their daily life and routine. Their content not only brings a smile on their audience’s face
but also leaves them with food for thought every time. Their family friendly content and
sense of awareness has impressed their fans as well as newer audiences that view their
videos and it keeps them coming back for more. The immense creativity and thought that
goes behind each video, is highly appreciated as well as applauded by viewers of all ages
and their videos keep getting better with each day as both them and their audience grow
together. They successfully manage their channel alongside managing their small. Their
short films are a perfect display of their creative nuance and they display their ability to
balance both academics as well as quality content creation with every post. The very
essence of their videos has led to a transformation in the content creation game, especially
among the youth and today, they stand as an inspiration to many.

Nihal Raj

This champ started cooking at the age of 4 (yes, actual cooking) and he hasn’t
stopped ever since. Nihal aka Kicha who resides in the beautiful state of Kerala, credits Chef
Vikas Khanna for his skill and immense interest in cooking. He is an exceptionally talented
and gifted chef and has used his platform perfectly to display the same. From featuring in
the Times 21 under 21 to reigning successful at the Global Child Prodigy awards, this is just
the beginning of his incredible journey, that 44.1K people are already following him on. His
mouth-watering and delicious recipes will make you want to jump into your screen just for
a taste and his fame has led the little chef to feature on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and he
has made India proud. His passion for cooking is visible in everything that he does, the
simplicity and humility that he possesses will surely take him to greater heights as he puts
his heart and soul in order to perfect every recipe. Did you know, that he has restricted any
sort of advertisements on his channel to avoid disturbing or distracting his audience from
the art of cooking. His channel features a variety of recipes that will surely make you hungry and leave you craving for more!

Aayu and Piyu

Wait, siblings that actually get along? (hello, amazon?). Aayu and
Pihu are a dynamic sibling duo that make creative and humour filled videos along with their loving parents Piyush and Ruchi. From short movies, challenge videos, family comedy,
activities, learning and games, these folks keep it light-hearted and interesting at all times.
There is never a dull moment on their channel and the entire family is sure to keep you
constantly entertained and feeling happy. Even after creating more than 84 videos thus far,
their creativity and ideas never cease. From lively sibling banter, relatable every day content, they have it all covered and they have together won the hearts of 17.8M people on YouTube
alone and we can confidently derive that entertaining runs in their blood as the parents
alone have a fanbase of 3.56M people online. They love to keep it real and that’s exactly
what makes people relate to their content and support them the way they do!

These teenfluencers have surpassed the typical norms of content creation, successfully building a supportive community based on camaraderie. In an era where social media can either be a blessing or a tool for destruction, these teens strive to positively influence and impact an entire generation. Their dedication and determination to make the world a better place is truly inspirational. Amidst a chaotic world, their videos create a safe space for their audience, uplifting their spirits and bringing smiles to their faces. Their positivity and charm shine through in every video, setting a high standard and continuing to gain followers and support while growing together.

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Should Creators Start Trademarking? Bhuvan Bam Sets Example



bhuvan bam as titu mama - the reel stars

In the rapidly growing world of digital content creation, creators often develop unique and memorable characters that become integral to their brand and storytelling. However, without proper legal protection, these characters can be vulnerable to plagiarism and misuse. Trademarking original characters is a crucial step that creators should take to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure that they retain exclusive rights to their creations. Bhuvan Bam, content creator turned actor, recently set an example by trademarking his popular character, Titu Mama, from BB Ki Vines.

Bhuvan Bam Trademarks Titu Mama

The decision to trademark Titu Mama marks a significant milestone in his creative journey. He has portrayed Titu Mama in various formats, including BB Ki Vines, and has hosted a talk show Titu Talks, which featured high-profile guests like Shah Rukh Khan, Ram Charan, and S.S. Rajamouli. The character’s widespread popularity and potential made it essential for Bam to protect his creation.

By securing the trademark, Bam can now perform live events as Titu Mama without the risk of others misusing or plagiarizing his character. He recounted instances where people claimed to have seen Titu Mama perform in places he had never visited, highlighting the need for legal protection to establish clear ownership.

Setting an Example for Other Creators

The trademark for Titu Mama is just the beginning. Bhuvan Bam has also applied for trademarks for two other popular characters from BB Ki Vines: Sameer and Bablu ji. These characters, like Titu Mama, have become integral parts of Bam’s content, each with their unique traits and fan base. By securing trademarks for these characters, Bam is rightfully protecting his intellectual property and also setting an example for other creators.

Bhuvan Bam’s proactive approach to trademarking his characters should serve as an inspiration for other content creators. In the digital age, where content is easily accessible and replicable, protecting one’s creative work is paramount. Trademarking characters grants creators legal ownership and control, ensuring that their characters remain associated with their brand and providing protection against plagiarism.

Creators Who Should Trademark Their Characters:

Several other well-known creators could benefit from trademarking their popular characters:

Saloni Gaur: Known for her characters Nazma Aapi and Adarsh Bahu. Nazma Aapi is a satirical character that comments on current affairs and social issues with humor and wit, resonating with a wide audience. Adarsh Bahu, on the other hand, parodies the stereotypical ‘ideal daughter-in-law’ seen in Indian television dramas.

Dolly Singh: Famous for her portrayal of Raju ki Mummy. This character, a humorous take on an overprotective and opinionated mother, has become a staple in Dolly Singh’s content. It offers relatable comedy that many viewers find endearing and entertaining.

Gaurav Gera: Creator of the Shopkeeper and Chutki characters. Gera’s characters are iconic in the Indian digital comedy scene, with Chutki’s exaggerated innocence and the Shopkeeper’s deadpan humor providing a unique comedic duo that has captured the hearts of millions.

Kusha Kapila: Known for her character Billi Maasi. Billi Maasi is a flamboyant, outspoken character that comments on societal norms and the quirks of everyday life, delivered with Kusha Kapila’s signature style of sarcasm and charm.

Vishnu Kaushal: Famous for his Punjabi Dad character. This character humorously depicts the typical strict yet loving Punjabi father, striking a chord with audiences who see reflections of their own familial experiences in his skits.

By following in the footsteps of creators like Bhuvan Bam, who has successfully trademarked Titu Mama, creators can safeguard their work and maintain the integrity of their brand.

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National Brother’s Day: Meet Creators Who Are Doting Brothers!



National Brother's Day-The Reel Stars

National Brother’s Day is celebrated on 24th May of every year. It is a day dedicated to rejoice in the bond between brothers and the role they play in our lives. Like any familial relationship, a brother’s love is also unconditional. While brothers may compete and tease each other, they stand by each other through thick and thin, celebrate successes, and provide comfort during tough times. Unlike many other relationships that may come and go, the bond between brothers is lifelong. Even as they grow older and pursue separate paths in life, the connection remains strong. Overall, a brother’s love is a special and irreplaceable aspect of many people’s lives, offering companionship, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

On the special occasion of National Brother’s Day, let’s take a look at the list of popular creators who are also doting brothers. They play an important role in their siblings’ lives and aptly fit the tag of ‘Bade Bhaiya’.

Zaid Darbar  

Content creator and choreographer, son of renowned music director Ismail Darbar, Zaid Darbar is a doting brother to young sibling Awez Darbar. The duo, who are known for their dance moves, run a dancing academy in Mumbai called ‘B You’. Zaid, husband of actress Gauahar Khan, comes across as one of those brothers. Furthermore, who are quite affectionate and protective toward their younger ones.

Awez Darbar

Well, the way Zaid is for Awez, similarly Awez’s love for his sister Aman Darbar is unconditional. The brother-sister duo is irreparable. Awez, who is known for his down-to-earth and soft-spoken nature, shares a friend-like bond with Anam. Awez and Anam both are social media sensations and are famous for their engaging content.   

Abhishek Malhan

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan and his elder sibling Nishchay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan are quite popular YouTubers. Abhishek may be a ‘Chote bhaiya’ but comes across as more of a friend to Nishchay. They are together through thick and thin and are always there for each other.

Ayaan Zubair

Ayaan may be a younger brother to sister and actress Jannat Zubair but is quite protective and caring towards her. He has also walked in her sister’s footsteps and has made a big name in the television industry and social media. The brother-sister duo makes some amazing and relatable content on social media. Their Instagram photos are proof of their close bond. Moreover, we love how Ayaan is always on Jannat’s side, like an ideal brother.

Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu Kaushal and his brother Govind are known for making hilarious content that is loved by netizens and even Bollywood stars. Oftentimes being in the same field may lead to disagreement but they are always in sync and a perfect brother. In their case, it’s difficult to say who is more protective towards each other. However, who plays the role of ‘ideal brother’.

Ashish Chanchlani

Popular YouTube personality and content creator Ashish Chanchlani has a younger sister named Muskan who is a fashion content creator. Ashish and Muskan are one of those brother-sister duo who love unconditionally but also fight for pity things. However, Ashish comes across as a pillar of strength for his sister.

Keep up the same bonhomie guys!

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