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How would you like to play games on LinkedIn?



LinkedIn to introduce gaming to its offerings for users. Reelstars

No, we kid you not. A TechCrunch report on Sunday says playing games on LinkedIn will soon be a reality. The Microsoft owned professional network platform will add gaming to its offerings soon.

The idea is to get LinkedIn’s 1 billion plus users to spend more time on the platform, apart from just using it for business and professional purposes. The TechCrunch report says LinkedIn is tapping into the same wave of puzzle mania that helped word games like Wordle find viral success. LinkedIn’s first triumvirate of games is likely to be called “Queens”, “Inference” and “Crossclimb.”

An app research Nima Owji has put up first looks of these games, and he avers that LinkedIn appears to be experimenting with involves player scores being organised by places of work, with companies getting “ranked” by those scores.

A LinkedIn spokesperson told TechCrunch that while the platform is indeed working on adding gaming experiences, it is still early days to comment. “We’re playing with adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations,” the spokesperson said in a message to TechCrunch. “Stay tuned for more!” The LinkedIn spokesperson however declined to say how and if parent Microsoft, a gaming behemoth itself, is involved in the gaming project at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over the years, added several features like creator mode, push for online education and news services. The gaming experience could however outdo all its earlier efforts to boost user engagement, given that puzzles and games are universally popular.

Mobile and PC games consistently rank among the top-performing apps in terms of both revenue and user engagement, with puzzle-based casual games emerging as a favored category among mobile users. Leveraging this trend, non-gaming platforms have capitalized on puzzles to drive traffic, reminiscent of the enduring popularity of crosswords and puzzles in traditional media. The New York Times, having acquired the viral sensation Wordle in 2022, reported sustained player engagement, highlighting its integration into a broader platform of online puzzles and games offered by the renowned newspaper.

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Get Ready to Snap with AI: Snapchat Unleashes Powerful New Tools



snapchat ai announcement - the reelstars

Calling all creators and imagination enthusiasts! Hold onto your filters because Snapchat just unleashed a major AI update!

This isn’t just a filter tweak – it’s an AI revolution. Besides, Lens Studio 5.0 introduces an on-device AI model that transforms your wildest AR dreams into reality. Simply describe your vision, and Snapchat’s AI will conjure it up in real-time. Imagine lush jungles replacing your living room or spaceships hovering in your backyard – the possibilities are endless. Besides, And thanks to intelligent AI that adjusts lighting and color seamlessly, the transitions are flawless.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Creators are in for a treat with a suite of powerful AI tools designed to supercharge their AR creations:

AI-powered Face Effects:

Gone are the days of limited filters. Now, create face effects based on anything you can imagine – a simple text prompt or even an uploaded image. Morph users into fantastical creatures or their favorite characters – the power is in your hands (or rather, your imagination).

Immersive ML:

Take AR experiences to a whole new level! Moreover, This AI tool applies realistic transformations not just to faces. Furthermore, but also to users’ bodies and surroundings – all happening in real-time.

AI Assistant for 3D Modeling:

3D modeling just got easier! This AI assistant streamlines the process, making it simpler than ever to bring your 3D visions to life.

But that’s not all! The update boasts a range of additional AI features:

  • Generate 3D assets based on prompts
  • Create custom face masks and textures
  • Design 3D character heads that mimic user expressions

With this update, Snapchat puts the power of AI directly in the hands of users and creators. The future of AR is here, and it’s fueled by imagination and the magic of artificial intelligence. However, Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore a world where anything is possible with a single snap!

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YouTube Experiments with Viewer-Added Context for Videos



youtube notes - the reelstars

Imagine you’re watching a product review, but the gadget in question has a newer version out. Or maybe you’re chuckling at a video, only to realize later it’s actually a parody! To combat confusion and provide on-the-spot explanations, YouTube is testing a new feature that lets viewers themselves become video annotators.

This isn’t your typical highlighting tool though. Think of it as adding sticky notes packed with info directly on the video. Viewers can shed light on parodies, point out crucial updates in reviews, or even debunk outdated footage masquerading as current events.

This feature builds on YouTube’s existing toolbox of context clues, like those info panels you see sometimes. It’s like adding real-time footnotes to the vast library of YouTube videos.

The experiment starts small, limited to mobile devices in the US and English for now. The team expects some bumps along the way, with notes that might miss the mark or contain inaccurate info. But that’s part of the learning process! Viewers, the note-writing contributors, and even video creators are all invited to chime in with their feedback. This input will help YouTube refine the feature and decide if it’s worthy of a wider release.

Who gets to be a YouTube explainer?

Don’t worry, you won’t need a professorial degree. Initially, a select group of viewers with channels in good standing will be invited to leave their informative notes. This helps YouTube test the waters before opening it up to everyone.

US viewers will soon see these explanatory notes popping up on videos. To ensure they’re actually helpful, a team of outside experts, similar to those who give feedback on search results, will assess their quality. As the experiment progresses, the note-writing contributors themselves might even get to join the rating party.

How do these video annotations get picked?

Not all notes are created equal. Those deemed generally helpful by viewers will get pinned right under the video. Viewers will be asked to weigh in – is the note a lifesaver, just okay, or totally off-base? They can even explain their rating, highlighting if the note uses trustworthy sources or keeps things clear and unbiased.

Here’s the cool part: a special algorithm analyzes these ratings. Moreover, but it considers something unique – how people with different viewpoints react to the note. If viewers who usually disagree on notes find a particular one helpful, that note is more likely to get shown. As more notes are written and rated across various topics, this system will continuously learn and improve.

With this experiment, YouTube is aiming to supercharge the context viewers receive while navigating the platform’s massive video library. They’re eager to hear from viewers, contributors, and creators in the coming months as they strive to make YouTube a place with even clearer and more reliable information.

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Snap Empowers Indian AR Creators with AI-Powered Tools



Snapchat introduces AI tools for India creators - The Reelstars

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has introduced new AI-powered tools in India. This move aims to simplify Augmented Reality (AR) creation, making it more accessible for developers and users alike, and positions India as a pivotal player in the global AR landscape.

A key highlight of this initiative is the integration of generative AI into Lens Studio, Snapchat’s proprietary AR development platform. This enhancement allows creators to design AR “Lenses” — Snapchat’s term for AR effects — with unprecedented ease and speed. Tasks that previously took weeks can now be completed in just a few hours, thanks to the power of AI.

Lens Studio’s upgrade extends its utility beyond Snapchat, enabling the development of AR experiences for other websites and apps. This opens up new avenues for creators and businesses to leverage AR across multiple digital platforms. Furthermore, broadening their reach and impact.

Snap Fuels India’s Rise as an AR Powerhousepen_spark

Snap’s latest generative AI technology also promises to elevate the user experience. Snapchat users in India can now enjoy more realistic and immersive special effects when using their phone cameras. This advancement is part of Snap’s broader effort to push the boundaries of AR innovation and maintain its competitive edge in the social media industry.

Snap Inc.’s decision to roll out these AI-powered tools in India is both strategic and timely. India’s vast, tech-savvy population has a growing appetite for AR experiences, making it an ideal market for AR innovation. By providing Indian creators with state-of-the-art tools, Snap aims to cultivate a vibrant AR ecosystem in the country.

Snap’s initiative could well accelerate the growth of AR in India, and push Snapchat’s market share up, enabling creators to produce more sophisticated and engaging content. This move not only enhances the user experience but also reinforces India’s position as a hub for AR innovation.

Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat, is making a big push into Augmented Reality (AR) in India. They’ve introduced new AI-powered tools that make creating AR experiences, called “Lenses” on Snapchat, much faster and easier. This is especially exciting for Indian developers because it opens up the AR world to more creators. Moreover, potentially leading to a surge of innovative and engaging AR content.

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