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Embarking on a culinary journey or seeking to breathe new life into your kitchen endeavors? Look no further! In a world brimming with delectable possibilities, we’ve curated a list of the top food bloggers who are redefining the art of gastronomy and making cooking a joyous affair once more.

These culinary maestros aren’t just about recipes; they’re storytellers, flavor enthusiasts, and creative wizards who can transform a mundane meal into a culinary masterpiece. Following their culinary escapades promises to infuse your kitchen with inspiration, innovation, and, above all, a sense of fun that might have been lost along the way.


Sanjyot Keer


Sanjyot Keer, the culinary virtuoso born on June 16, 1992, is not your typical chef; he’s an Indian gastronomic trendsetter and a digital sensation hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai. Widely recognized as the food producer for “MasterChef India” Season 4, he collaborated with culinary giants like Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Ranveer Brar.

However, Keer’s journey extends far beyond the TV screen. In 2016, he founded Your Food Lab (YFL), a Mumbai-based culinary haven that revolutionizes Indian comfort food. From Tandoori Momos to Peri Peri Dosa, his recipes are not just delectable but redefine innovation in the kitchen.

What truly sets Keer apart is his digital charisma. His cooking videos on Facebook and YouTube have become a sensation, amassing millions of views. A notable example is his pizza dosa recipe, which captured 30,000 views within the first 24 hours.

But Keer doesn’t just cater to grown-up taste buds; in 2018, he took a playful turn by launching tiffin-friendly recipes on Your Food Lab Junior, hosted by none other than his adorable five-year-old nephew, Iyan.

Sanjyot Keer’s culinary magic isn’t confined to the kitchen; it’s a digital feast that has earned him a spot among Forbes India’s Tycoons of Tomorrow in 2018. His journey isn’t just about cooking; it’s about transforming kitchens into lively, innovative spaces and making every meal an adventure.


Shivesh Bhatia

At 27, Shivesh has not only carved his path through academia, graduating in Political Science from Hindu College, Delhi University, but has also left an indelible mark on the world of desserts and baking.

Shivesh’s love affair with baking ignited during his high school days when, armed with Betty Crocker cake mix, he embarked on his first baking venture—a batch of vanilla cupcakes that, despite a few casualties, sparked an enduring passion. Little did he know that this hobby would evolve into a profound journey.

A wordsmith at heart, Shivesh’s journey began with school days filled with articles for leading newspapers like Hindustan Times and The Hindu. Yet, it was his pivot to the sweet side of life that truly set him on a remarkable course. With a keen eye for style and a love for photography, he captured the hearts of a digital community, turning his Instagram page into a visual feast of delectable treats.

Blogging since December 2014, Shivesh transitioned from a blog to the website ‘Bake With Shivesh,’ where the ethos of creating simple yet stunning recipes remained at its core. His culinary prowess did not go unnoticed, earning him accolades like the Outlook Social Media Award, features in Vogue’s prestigious lists, and CondeNast Traveler India’s Social Media Star of the Year.

But Shivesh’s story doesn’t stop there. In the realm of publishing, he etched his name with not one but three books. “Bake With Shivesh,” his first creation, became an Amazon bestseller, followed by “Desserts For Every Mood” in 2020, and “Eggless Baking With Shivesh” in 2022—a testament to his ever-growing influence in the culinary world.

Kabita Singh


As a food blogger and YouTuber, Kabita has become the go-to source for quick and accessible recipes. Hailing from Pune, she brings a delightful array of culinary expertise to the digital table.

Kabita’s content spans a diverse range, from speedy 10-minute pressure cooker recipes to tantalizing street-style aloo chaat and the innovative no-oil aloo-palak. Her focus revolves around recipes that are not only time-efficient but also crafted from ingredients commonly found in most kitchens.

Her journey began when she relocated to the UK after tying the knot. Seizing the opportunity, she launched her YouTube channel, where she shared her first recipe—a guide on crafting the perfect bhindi fry. Since then, her channel has burgeoned to amass over 10 million subscribers, with an astounding 550+ million views on YouTube and a substantial following of 870k+ on Instagram.

Kabita’s success isn’t just measured in social media numbers; her influence extends to her net worth, which is an impressive close to 1 crore INR.

Deeba Rajpal


With a rich background as a consultant for Marico’s Saffola Oats and as the recipe developer for Fit Foodie, Deeba Rajpal has left an indelible mark on the food industry.

Having collaborated with the culinary maestro Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna for Fit Foodie, she has not only developed recipes but has also lent her expertise to styling projects for renowned publishers. Notably, her work on the reshoot of the cookbook ‘Curry’ for the UK-based publisher Dorling Kindersley is now in print.

Freelancing as a food stylist and photographer for prominent establishments like Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, and, her prowess extends to writing for Askme Wellness and contributing to overseas magazines with enticing recipes and captivating photographs.

As a member of the Culinary Council at Kitchen Aid India, this culinary artist has also ventured into television, shooting travel and food shows for NDTV Good Times and hosting Food Styling workshops with Darter in the NCR.

Her blog serves as a delightful chronicle of kitchen adventures, offering a glimpse into the fusion of culinary creativity, nature’s hues, art, photography, and a love for travel. A true passion for baking, especially in crafting eggless desserts using locally available ingredients, is evident, with a focus on seasons, produce, edible flowers, and cultural influences.


Follow these food bloggers to get a taste of something new in your kitchen every day. Be warned, you don’t want to be scrolling through their posts at midnight or you’ll definitely feel those hunger pangs.

Wielding a keyboard for a katana for 11+ years, Anusuya is a content samurai by day, slaying mediocrity with creativity. This Calcutta-born and Bengaluru-raised girl spent her formative years in boarding school, reading Enid Blyton under the covers. Her tourism degree makes her a travel writing wiz, but Anusuya loves crafting compelling content across all realms; social media posts that pop to website copy that sells. When she's not hunched over her laptop, you'll find her creating Pinterest boards for her next vacation or binge-watching Asian dramas.


Meet The Influencer Breaking Taboos: Simran Jain, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia



simran jain balar - the reel stars

Simran Jain’s meteoric rise from TikTok fashion influencer to a leading advocate for women’s health and empowerment is nothing short of remarkable. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Jain has harnessed the power of social media to challenge taboos surrounding menstruation and sexuality.

From Fashion to Advocacy

Jain’s journey began with a passion for fashion and self-expression on TikTok. However, it was her growing awareness of the silence and stigma surrounding women’s health issues that prompted her to pivot towards advocacy. Recognizing the dearth of open and reliable information on sexual health. However, Jain embarked on a mission to spark conversations and break down barriers.

Unbound: Empowering Women, One Product at a Time

As the co-founder of Unbound, Jain has established a platform dedicated to providing women. Furthermore, access to essential products for menstrual hygiene and sexual wellness. From menstrual cups to playful card games promoting open dialogue. Besides, Unbound is revolutionizing the way women engage with their bodies and sexuality.

Breaking Down Societal Stigmas

Jain’s path to success has been fraught with challenges, particularly in confronting entrenched societal taboos. Yet, her resilience and unwavering commitment to her cause have enabled her to overcome adversity and effect meaningful change. By challenging misconceptions and advocating for inclusivity, Jain is paving the way for a more enlightened and accepting society.

Global Recognition: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List

In a testament to her impact and influence, Simran Jain was recently included in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list for Media, Marketing and Advertising. Besides, this accolade not only recognizes her achievements but also underscores the significance of her advocacy on a global scale.

Roots in Bangalore

Hailing from Bangalore, Jain’s connection to her hometown runs deep. Through her Instagram series “Bangalore Mein,” she invites her audience to explore the city’s rich. However, culture and heritage, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of life in the Garden City.

Overcoming Obstacles with the Support of Family and Friends

In Jain’s narrative, familial and communal support play a pivotal role. Blessed with unwavering encouragement from loved ones. Moreover, she has forged ahead in her mission to dismantle taboos surrounding women’s health, undeterred by societal pressures or conventions.

Simran Jain’s story is a testament to the transformative power of advocacy and activism. Through her fearless pursuit of progress and her unwavering dedication to empowering women. However, she has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration for women everywhere. As we celebrate her inclusion in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Furthermore, we are reminded of the profound impact that individuals. Moreover, like Jain can have in shaping a more equitable and enlightened world.

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Revant Himatsingka’s “Label Padhega India” Gains Traction



indian influencers - the reel stars

“You are what you eat,” a simple phrase that holds immense power, especially when it comes to packaged foods. FoodPharmer, a social media influencer passionate about health and wellness, is on a mission to educate consumers about the hidden ingredients lurking behind attractive packaging. Foodpharmer, or Revant Himatsingka’s, recently launched “Label Padhega India” campaign is gaining traction and we’re here with the updates. However, If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s a little background as well.

Label Padhega India

Following his impactful video exposing the high sugar content in Bournvita and its potential consequences for children, FoodPharmer recently launched a new initiative – Label Padhega India (Read the Label, India). Besides, This movement aims to empower consumers by encouraging them to make informed choices by reading food labels.

The initiative sheds light on the potential health risks associated with packaged foods. FoodPharmer emphasizes the importance of understanding the ingredients list and deciphering the nutritional label. This awareness empowers consumers to identify unhealthy additives, preservatives, and hidden sugars that can negatively impact their health.

Lay’s and the Palm Oil Controversy: A Case Study in Action

FoodPharmer’s dedication extends beyond raising awareness. Revant Himatsingka’s actively highlights discrepancies in food manufacturing practices. However, One such instance involved Lay’s chips. FoodPharmer exposed the use of palm oil in Lay’s Indian products, while the US counterparts used healthier alternatives. Moreover, This pressure from the initiative and consumers likely played a role in Lay’s announcement to replace palm oil with a healthier option in India.

A Star-Studded Call to Action

Label Padhega India isn’t a solo effort. The initiative boasts an impressive list of supporters, including celebrities like Archana Puran Singh, Abhinav Bindra, and Dinesh Karthik, alongside prominent influencers. Furthermore, This collective voice aims to amplify the message and reach a wider audience.

So, what’s new with the campaign?

Small businesses have joined the campaign!

Revant shared a video featuring a small business owner who vows to have print labels with exactly what her products contain. The video features Kaushalya Choudhary, owner of Sidhi Marwadi, a Jodhpur based business that sells products like the “Lal Mirch Powder” she holds in the video.

Cofounder of Hotmail joins in!

In another post, he shared a video of Sabeer Bhatia, the co-founder of Hotmail. However, as he accepts the “Label Padhega India” challenge as well.

Support from Ghana by Top LinkedIn Voice

Etornam C. Tsyawo, a Top Food Science Voice on LinkedIn, from Ghana also shared a post showing support for the health movement. With a picture of her reading food labels, she talks of how most big food companies follow questionable marketing practices and it’s time to make them accountable.

FoodPharmer’s initiative is a significant step towards promoting health consciousness in India. By empowering consumers with knowledge and encouraging them to read labels, Label Padhega India paves the way for a future where individuals make informed choices about the food they eat.

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Will Foodpharmer’s “Label Padhega India” Make A Difference? – Updated



foodpharmer revant himatsingka - the reel stars

Revant Himatsingka, or Foodpharmer as he’s known, is gearing up to start a health revolution on 11th May. According to the latest posts shared on his social media accounts, “Label Padhega India” will begin a war against companies that mislabel their foods and have been misleading Indian consumers for decades! If you haven’t already heard of this health activist influencer and his initiatives, we’ve got you.

First, who is Foodpharmer?

Foodpharmer or Revant Himatsingka is a social media influencer known for his work promoting healthy eating and advocating for transparency in food labeling, particularly with packaged foods in India. This young Indian is a high achiever who holds a degree from NYU Stern School of Business and The Wharton School. He previously worked in finance, including a stint at McKinsey & Company. However, after a brief but successful stint in finance, he decided to focus on his true passion; educating Indians about health with humor and hard facts! And, with 2.1M followers on Instagram and 503K YouTube subscribers, he’s already made his mark!

While Revant uses humor to share his message about healthy eating choices and label reading, he’s extremely invest in the cause. And we believe that a lot more people should be. Over the years, consumers have slowly become more conscious about the fact that a lot of labels. And advertising around “health” products are completely misleading. Is a process cereal load with sugar really a healthy breakfast for your child? You only need to do a little reading to learn the opposite. And these are the kind of basic but big facts that Foodpharma shares through his content to raise awareness.

Big Win Against Bournvita

In April 2023, his review on Cadbury’s Bournvita went viral after he criticized the company for it’s labelling. On reading through the content in the label, he explains how most of the ingredients are some form of sugar and the product is likely to contribute to diabetes. After the video became viral, the company filed a defamation case against him. And made him take down the video with an apology.

However, the video was massively reshared already and caused Bournvita a lot of bad publicity. In December 2023, Revant shared his “Big Win” with followers since all of this led to Bournvita reducing the sugar content by 15%! However, he still asserted that despite the reduction, the brand needed to stop falsely advertising itself as a health drink.

Making Food Brands Accountable

While the Bournvita campaign was his claim to fame, Revant’s content is a whole treasury of information to help consumers make better decisions. One of his most impactful videos exposes a double standard by some multinational companies (MNCs). The video highlights how certain MNCs, like Nestle, allegedly use less expensive ingredients or potentially harmful additives in their Indian products compared to those sold elsewhere.

For example, Nestle’s baby food in India reportedly contains added sugar, unlike its European counterpart. Similarly, Skittles in India may contain Titanium Dioxide. A colorant linked to health concerns, while being absent from the European version. Everest and MDH masalas are ban in Singapore because they contain cancer-causing agents. But as we know are top sellers in India and found in most kitchens. This alleged practice raises concerns not only about corporate responsibility but also about lax regulations. The question all this raises is whether the government needs to do more to ensure consumers. And are protect from potentially harmful ingredients.

Label Padhega India?

Now, Revant is gearing up for his latest campaign called “Label Padhega India,” which translates to India will start reading labels. The question is, will they? And what exactly is the campaign going to do? From the trailers and posts shared on his accounts, we know that influencer @nasdaily and cricketer Dinesh Karthik are supporting the initiative. While he hasn’t shared too many details, he says:

“It’s time for Indians to unite and fight against all the health scams going on in the country. 1 year ago we started a health movement by fighting against Bournvita. It’s time for us to transform this “health movement” into a “health revolution”!! This battle is over, the war begins on 11th May!”

via Linkedin

As a “influencer” who leverages social media to raise awareness about healthy eating habits. And challenges big food companies on their labelling practices. We’re excited about what Foodpharmer is bringing to the table on 11th May!


The video for the campaign was released on Foodpharmer’s YouTube channel on 11th May. Multiple headlines from various leading publications like Times Of India are shared, which emphasize facts like how India has become a Diabetes capital. A catchy rap performed by Raagma talks about how most food and beverage companies compromise on quality in India and mislabel products. It features multiple influencers and celebrities like Mortal, Madan Gowri, Funcho, Tech Burner, Satvic Movement, Abhinav Bindra, Flying Beast, Sourav Joshi, Thugesh and Nas Daily who encourage viewers to start reading labels! Revant challenges consumers to read the ingredients on labels before consuming anything. And if you accept the challenge, participate using the following steps.

To participate in the challenge, follow these steps:

  • Upload a Story or a Post with a label.
  • Challenge 3 more people to do the same.
  • Tag @Foodpharmer if you want Revant to repost it (but this is optional).
  • Use the Label Padhega India music that has been added to the Instagram music library for the story or post.

According to his latest update, he also shared that he will be personally meeting some participants and also giving out gifts to 100+ people who take part in the challenge. We think it’s a great initiative and encourage you to participate and make companies accountable for what they are selling to Indian consumers as well!

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