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Miraggio’s Valentine’s Campaign Unveils Personal Letters from Influencers



Miraggio's Valentine's Day campaign ropes in influencers and their life stories. Reelstars

Valentine’s Day takes a refreshing turn this year as Miraggio unveils its Love Inside campaign, tailor-made for fans of influencers seeking a deeper connection. This groundbreaking initiative sets the stage for a self-love journey that transcends the traditional boundaries of romance, showcasing influencers who pour their hearts into emotional letters addressed to their younger selves, all captured in powerful video messages.

Cinematic Journey of Self-Reflection: Favorite Influencers Open Up

Imagine influencers—Ikisvon Jamang, Sufi Motiwala, Divya and Rupansi of Qua Clothing, Radhika Bhalla, and Anahita Dhondy—sharing their personal stories in a cinematic masterpiece. The campaign turns the spotlight on these influencers as they write heartfelt letters to their younger selves, baring their souls and emotions through compelling video messages.

Ikisvon Jamang: Advocating Self-Love with Raw Emotion

Influencer extraordinaire, Ikisvon Jamang, steals the show as he advocates for the paramount importance of self-love. Witness the raw emotion as he addresses his younger self, sharing a universal message that resonates with fans—love for oneself is the truest love of all.


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Sufi Motiwala: A Stylish Ode to Authentic Expression

For fashion enthusiasts, Sufi Motiwala’s segment is a visual delight. He invites fans on a journey of self-discovery through personal style, emphasizing authenticity. Sufi’s ode to genuine expression is a call to embrace one’s uniqueness and celebrate it with pride.

Qua Clothing Founders: Wise Words on Self-Trust, Love, and Strength

The dynamic duo, Divya and Rupansi of Qua Clothing, impart their wisdom on self-trust, finding love, and unlocking inner strength. Their advice, wrapped in personal anecdotes, is a treasure trove for fans seeking guidance in navigating life’s twists and turns.

Radhika Bhalla: Timeless Invitation to Pursue Joy

Join Radhika Bhalla, Co-founder of The Word Magazine, on a timeless journey. Her invitation to pursue fabulousness, curiosity, and joy is a beacon for fans to revel in the wonders of life, fueled by an insatiable curiosity for joy in every moment.

Anahita Dhondy: Culinary Wisdom for the Soul

Chef and Author Anahita Dhondy brings a delectable twist to the campaign, infusing culinary wisdom into her message. Her advice to her younger self is a metaphorical feast, encouraging fans to savor life’s flavors, embrace joy, and let loose.

Unlocking Conversations About Self-Acceptance

Mohit Jain, Founder and CEO of Miraggio, unveils the philosophy behind the Love Inside campaign. “Dream, Believe, Achieve” is his message to his younger self, echoing the belief that true love begins with oneself. Miraggio aims to spark conversations about self-acceptance, with the influencers’ candidness acting as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of self-love.


Why are influencers writing letters to their younger selves in Miraggio’s Love Inside campaign?

The campaign features influencers writing letters to their younger selves to create a personal and emotional connection. It adds depth to the campaign, allowing fans to witness a raw and authentic side of their favorite influencers.

How does Miraggio aim to resonate with fans through the Love Inside campaign?

Miraggio intends to resonate with fans by showcasing influencers in a vulnerable and relatable light. The personal letters and video messages aim to create a connection between influencers and their followers, inspiring conversations about self-love.

What is the core message Miraggio hopes to convey through the Love Inside campaign?

Miraggio’s Love Inside campaign aims to spark conversations about self-acceptance and the transformative power of self-love. The core message is that true love begins with oneself, and the campaign encourages fans to embark on their own self-love journey.

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Scrub Daddy launches in India with Yashraj Mukhate, Rupal Patel collab



Yashraj Mukhate and Rupal Patel recreate the Rasoda magic for Cif's Scrub Daddy. Reelstars

As Scrub Daddy, the cheerful sponge with a smiley face makes its entrance into the Indian market, it does so in style, collaborating with none other than viral sensation and composer Yashraj Mukhate. Known for his infectious content, Mukhate joins forces with Unilever’s Cif to announce the arrival of Scrub Daddy through an engaging Instagram post. The post features Mukhate alongside Rupal Patel, better known as Kokila Modi from the hit TV show “Saath Nibhana Saathiya.”

Catchy Ad: Bringing Scrub Daddy to Life

In the captivating ad, Mukhate is seen tackling dirty dishes while receiving sage advice from Kokila Modi herself. As she emerges from the television screen, Modi recommends Cif’s Scrub Daddy for the task at hand. The duo then breaks into an impromptu song and dance, showcasing the product’s features through Mukhate’s signature composition.

Scrub Daddy’s Success Story: A Journey of Innovation

Established in 2012, Scrub Daddy quickly rose to prominence as “Shark Tank’s most successful product to date.” With sales surpassing $670 million and a presence in over 20 markets worldwide, Scrub Daddy’s success knows no bounds. Its popularity soared further on TikTok, amassing over 3 million followers and becoming a household name.

Social Media Strategy: The Secret to Scrub Daddy’s Growth

According to Scrub Daddy’s social media managers, the brand’s rapid ascent on TikTok can be attributed to its consistent focus on producing “self-aware” content. By understanding and engaging with its audience, Scrub Daddy effectively leveraged the platform’s vast Gen Z demographic, capturing hearts and minds along the way.

Targeting Gen Z in India: A Strategic Move

With Mukhate as its ambassador, Scrub Daddy aims to captivate India’s Gen Z audience. However, priced at Rs 399, the product may face challenges in a market where dishwashing scrubs are available for as low as Rs 20. Nevertheless, Scrub Daddy’s partnership with Unilever’s Cif marks an exciting new chapter in its journey, signaling its entry into a new category and reaffirming its commitment to innovation and excellence.

A Nostalgic Nod: The Genius of Mukhate’s Composition

In the new ad, Mukhate seamlessly weaves his magic as he revisits the familiar trope that first propelled him to fame. With a playful caption—”Aaj se rasode me Cif Scrub Daddy hoga!”—Mukhate ensures that viewers are instantly transported back to the iconic moment that captured the nation’s imagination. Moreover, the inclusion of Rupal Patel, known for her role as Kokila Modi, adds an extra layer of authenticity and nostalgia to the ad.

A Perfect Pairing: Mukhate and Patel’s Dynamic Duo

The choice to pair Mukhate with Patel is a stroke of brilliance, resonating with fans of the show who are familiar with Patel’s character as the strict matriarch who demands perfection in household chores. This dynamic pairing not only adds depth to the ad but also creates a sense of familiarity and relatability for viewers, further enhancing the brand’s connection with its audience.


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Yashraj Mukhate to compose regional tunes for Tic Tac



Yashraj Mukhate and Ranveer Singh collaborate for Tic Tac. Reelstars

For the first time, composer and YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate will set his whacky tunes to regional lyrics for brand Tic Tac.
According to, Yashraj Mukhate, who has partnered Ranveer Singh in a campaign #VibeHai to promote Ferrero India’s Tic Tac, will be composing in regional languages as well.

The Hindi campaign that has hit social media has Ranveer Singh’s energy and enthusiasm in full flow, to the rhythm of Yashraj Mukhate’s beats, mirroring the spirit of Tic Tac. The film is intended to spread cheer and good vibes, inspiring a positive outlook towards life and overcoming daily challenges, making it a movement rather than just a campaign.


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Yashraj Mukhate’s jingle, “Vibe Hai… Tic Tac Wali Life Hai,” is pure fun, transforming the original soundtrack into a catchy & foot-tapping tune, matching the throbbing energy of Ranveer Singh’s dance moves. The music video encourages everyone to indulge in Tic Tac’s Playful Spirit.

Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head (Pills & Gums) at Ferrero India, stated, “Being a Youth-oriented Brand, Tic Tac touches the passion points of the vibrant youth of India. It invites the Youth to spread the Cheer, & to playfully express themselves, without holding back. Ranveer Singh’s infectious energy and Yashraj’s refreshing composition makes for a fun cocktail designed to ignite a supernova of good vibes.”

28 year old Yashraj Mukhate, with an impressive 2.4 million followers on Instagram, was recently adjudged Influencer of The Year at the Impact Digital Influencer Awards 2023. His recent mashup ‘Appreciate Ki Wajah Se’ featured Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, with Yashraj Mukhate playing the keyboard and acting out Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s words from a live event.

Yashraj Mukhate shot into the limelight during the lockdown in 2020, with his mashup on ‘Rasode mein kaun tha’, which went viral and catapulted him into public attention.


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Show Some Love With Cadbury Silk & AI : The Story Of Us



cadbury zoya akhtar - the reelstars

Want to do something more than just buy your Valentine chocolate? Cadbury Silk, India’s beloved premium chocolate, is playing cupid in a whole new way with their “Story of Us” campaign. This innovative experience allows couples to transform their cherished love moments into a heartwarming tale, brought to life with the magic of generative AI technology.

Weave Your Love Story Into A Film

Couples can embark on this journey by scanning the QR code on their favorite Cadbury Silk pack. This leads them to a website where they answer a series of questions, curating their unique love story. These stories are then visualized with personalized avatars, creating an animated movie that captures the essence of their special bond.


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Zoya Akhtar Adds Her Touch

Renowned filmmaker Zoya Akhtar lends her creative expertise to the campaign, ensuring the stories resonate with authenticity and cinematic flair. She adds context to the precious moments, showcasing the true depth and beauty of love in its various forms.

Ogilvy India’s Creative Tech Team developed a unique tool that transforms users’ text input into charming character animations. This in-house solution automates the personalization process, creating a world-first experience in terms of scale and implementation for a brand campaign.

Selected stories from the campaign will be featured on the popular streaming platform, Disney+Hotstar. This allows couples to share their love stories with a wider audience, celebrating their connection on a larger stage.

With “The Story of Us,” Cadbury Silk goes beyond a delicious treat. They offer a platform for couples to cherish their memories, express their love, and create a unique Valentine’s Day experience that they’ll always remember.

So, this Valentine’s Day, ditch the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary with Cadbury Silk’s “The Story of Us”. Weave your unique love story, embrace the magic of AI, and celebrate the power of love in a way that’s truly special.

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