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When Dolly Singh And These Other Influencers Shut Body Shaming



Dolly Singh-The Reel Stars

Popular influencer (and now actress) Dolly Singh, with an impressive fan following of more than 1.6 million on Instagram, impressed us all with her acting debut with the film ‘Thank You For Coming.’ However, recently she shared a poignant note on dealing with body shaming and her long journey of accepting her body.

There is no denying that Dolly Singh has always been vocal about feeling insecure about her body. On May 15, 2024, the social media influencer took to her Instagram handle and shared a moving note, stating, “I hope I am someone’s safe space”.

In her picture note, Dolly opened up about her experience of being skinny and always worrying about her fluctuating weight. She wrote: “Like most people, my weight fluctuates too. Being on the naturally Skinny side of the spectrum, I tend to lose weight easily (when I don’t want to), and it’s hard to put it back on. Last few months of finishing up the house, adulting and stressing took away the few good kgs I had gained over the last few years.

Honestly, this time I wasn’t worry about it. I know that if 1 get back on my routine, workout, eat on time and with intention, I’ll slowly get there. There is no hurry. I love my body now. I love my body in every state because it supports me. However, I have come to believe that and honestly, I feel proud about that. I have grown up despising my body shaming, hating every bit of it, so this…is growth.”

She added, “But as much as I have accepted it to shapeshift every now and then, people around me don’t. And the other day, as I was about to go see someone, I decided against it because I realized they’re not my safe space. That I’m sure they’ll have something to say about my weight. About my lost ‘glow’ or whatever term they’d wanna use to make me believe it’s out of care (maybe it is, but keep it to yourself unless asked).”

Dolly Singh further elaborated, “It doesn’t hurt the 30 year old me, but the 13 year old? It takes me back to the bad days sometimes. Anyway, point is, I realised that there are only a few people and places in my life where I can go however I want to, it doesn’t matter what I look like, what I am wearing or what my weighing scale says, I will receive love. My home is still not one. Maybe someday. If you could do something today, try to be someone’s safe space. And count your own blessings of people in your life who don’t care about the kgs fluctuating but the smiles on your face.”

This is not the first time that a celeb or an influencer has come out in the open and spoken about being body-shammed in public and trolled on their social media.

Kusha Kapila

Actress and content creator Kusha Kapila, who recently had a transformation and has gone on the fitter side, has faced body shaming throughout her life. In her previous interview, she revealed that she and her sister had issues with their weight and when they hit puberty, they gained weight. Even her mother, in her mid-30s, gain weight, and they would collectively get fat-shame. She recalled being call “Moti maa, moti betiya…”. She mentioned how her mother used to measure her and her sister’s weight every week as well.

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah

Beauty and fashion influencer Prableen Kaur Bhomrah is known for her body-positive content. She breaks the norms and old-age thinking that girls can only look good in a mirror-glass figure. Her content revolves around changing the mindset and inspiring women to accept their bodies just the way it is. In one of her posts, Prableen shared a big note on how trolls and body shaming have made her stronger and accepted the way it is. She wrote, “I don’t know about you but hating my body didnt get me very far.

Hating my body lead me to constantly doubt myself, compare myself, find myself using tons of filters and hold myself back from embracing my true body because I didn’t think I was worth it! Now let’s think about how far LOVING my body has got me. It’s help me build my dream life with my dream career, incredible friendships and have newfound strength and confidence within myself. It also made me realise how I should be working on my body for myself rather than for the perception of others.”

Komal Pandey

Fashion influencer Komal Pandey became part of online trolling and that too on her birthday. After Komal shared exotic pictures of her on Instagram, looking flawless in a yellow outfit, she was shocked to see the comment section filled with negative remarks calling her “anorexic” and “malnourished”. However, she smacked trollers with the ultimate response! She penned a long note on her Instagram story about living a “highly health-conscious lifestyle” and having a “dedicated nutritionist who carefully designs her diet.” Komal also stated that she exercises regularly and is guide by an expert trainer. She wrote, “She wrote, “It is important to understand that everyone’s body is unique and responds differently to various lifestyles. It is very important to avoid making assumptions or using derogatory terms such as anorexic or suggesting that I may have an eating disorder. Such labels/false claims are hurtful.”

Sameera Reddy

Actress turned influencer Sameera Reddy, known as ‘Messy Mama’ on Instagram and who has always been vocal about dealing with body shaming, recently shared her experience of how maintaining her appearance impacted her mental and physical health. She reportedly shared, “As a teenager, I was a chubby girl. Furthermore, feeling different from what I believe ‘beautiful’ was supposed to be. The definition of being beautiful is something all young girls struggle with. Besides, after becoming an actor, my insecurities multiplied a hundredfold. It reached a point where I experienced self-loathing.

The scrutiny I imposed on myself was more severe than the scrutiny I received from others. Many times, I risked my mental and physical health to maintain a certain size. I did the most ridiculous things, such as trying fad diets and working out endlessly post-shoot. What I did back then has resulted in hormonal imbalances now. The consequences catch up with age, and today I’m saddened by the choices I made. Back then, I didn’t feel I had any other option, and in a competitive market. Moreover, you do what you think is right because you believe it’s necessary.”

Neha Parulkar

Plus-size and proud of it. We are talking about Neha Parulkar, who is a popular model and fashion influencer. Neha, in one of her old posts, mention that there has never been a single day when she hadn’t been body shamed. She wrote, “I am so happy to see that people on social media are raising their voices and coming forward and speaking their mind. Moreover, whether protecting or opposing keeping in mind the current situation of #India. It takes courage to voice your opinion.

It takes more courage to take a stand. But what surprises me is; if you can gather the courage and have the strength. Besides, to stand against some injustice that you see around you. Furthermore, how can you not stand up for yourself against the battle of #BodyShaming. Isn’t that important too? Standing up, being courageous, giving it back to the haters? Why are we openly voicing out on social problems? Because we know that there might be someone or the other who might understand what we saying. And why don’t we do that for ourselves?

Because we are still afraid that the society won’t understand or support. But did we care what people might think when we voiced our opinions and took a stand for our views? No we didn’t. We went ahead and did/shared/commented/supported what we FELT was right. So why do we hesitate doing the same for our own life? Our own body? All this only means that we do possess #courage and #strength , we just don’t use it to our full potential. It’s NEVER TOO LATE to stand up for yourself, your identity, your body shaming, your life. It’s yours and you have to protect it!”

Sakshi Sidhwani

Fashion influencer Sakshi Sidhwani in one of her previous interviews shared. However, how on her first video itself she was being trolled and body shamed. She was quoted, “My first series on Instagram Reels, which was about breaking fashion stereotypes, originated from hate comments. I was wearing a crop top and someone wrote something along the lines that I was looking too flabby and my stomach shouldn’t show. So that comment inspired a whole series where I agree with the troll that yes. However, a girl like me shouldn’t be wearing this and then in the next frame I am being my boss self.”

Dharini Sanghavi is an entertainment journalist, and mom to a son. She has more than 13 years of experience and has worked with TellyChakkar and Koimoi. She is a social bird and is self-motivated by nature!


Should Creators Start Trademarking? Bhuvan Bam Sets Example



bhuvan bam as titu mama - the reel stars

In the rapidly growing world of digital content creation, creators often develop unique and memorable characters that become integral to their brand and storytelling. However, without proper legal protection, these characters can be vulnerable to plagiarism and misuse. Trademarking original characters is a crucial step that creators should take to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure that they retain exclusive rights to their creations. Bhuvan Bam, content creator turned actor, recently set an example by trademarking his popular character, Titu Mama, from BB Ki Vines.

Bhuvan Bam Trademarks Titu Mama

The decision to trademark Titu Mama marks a significant milestone in his creative journey. He has portrayed Titu Mama in various formats, including BB Ki Vines, and has hosted a talk show Titu Talks, which featured high-profile guests like Shah Rukh Khan, Ram Charan, and S.S. Rajamouli. The character’s widespread popularity and potential made it essential for Bam to protect his creation.

By securing the trademark, Bam can now perform live events as Titu Mama without the risk of others misusing or plagiarizing his character. He recounted instances where people claimed to have seen Titu Mama perform in places he had never visited, highlighting the need for legal protection to establish clear ownership.

Setting an Example for Other Creators

The trademark for Titu Mama is just the beginning. Bhuvan Bam has also applied for trademarks for two other popular characters from BB Ki Vines: Sameer and Bablu ji. These characters, like Titu Mama, have become integral parts of Bam’s content, each with their unique traits and fan base. By securing trademarks for these characters, Bam is rightfully protecting his intellectual property and also setting an example for other creators.

Bhuvan Bam’s proactive approach to trademarking his characters should serve as an inspiration for other content creators. In the digital age, where content is easily accessible and replicable, protecting one’s creative work is paramount. Trademarking characters grants creators legal ownership and control, ensuring that their characters remain associated with their brand and providing protection against plagiarism.

Creators Who Should Trademark Their Characters:

Several other well-known creators could benefit from trademarking their popular characters:

Saloni Gaur: Known for her characters Nazma Aapi and Adarsh Bahu. Nazma Aapi is a satirical character that comments on current affairs and social issues with humor and wit, resonating with a wide audience. Adarsh Bahu, on the other hand, parodies the stereotypical ‘ideal daughter-in-law’ seen in Indian television dramas.

Dolly Singh: Famous for her portrayal of Raju ki Mummy. This character, a humorous take on an overprotective and opinionated mother, has become a staple in Dolly Singh’s content. It offers relatable comedy that many viewers find endearing and entertaining.

Gaurav Gera: Creator of the Shopkeeper and Chutki characters. Gera’s characters are iconic in the Indian digital comedy scene, with Chutki’s exaggerated innocence and the Shopkeeper’s deadpan humor providing a unique comedic duo that has captured the hearts of millions.

Kusha Kapila: Known for her character Billi Maasi. Billi Maasi is a flamboyant, outspoken character that comments on societal norms and the quirks of everyday life, delivered with Kusha Kapila’s signature style of sarcasm and charm.

Vishnu Kaushal: Famous for his Punjabi Dad character. This character humorously depicts the typical strict yet loving Punjabi father, striking a chord with audiences who see reflections of their own familial experiences in his skits.

By following in the footsteps of creators like Bhuvan Bam, who has successfully trademarked Titu Mama, creators can safeguard their work and maintain the integrity of their brand.

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National Brother’s Day: Meet Creators Who Are Doting Brothers!



National Brother's Day-The Reel Stars

National Brother’s Day is celebrated on 24th May of every year. It is a day dedicated to rejoice in the bond between brothers and the role they play in our lives. Like any familial relationship, a brother’s love is also unconditional. While brothers may compete and tease each other, they stand by each other through thick and thin, celebrate successes, and provide comfort during tough times. Unlike many other relationships that may come and go, the bond between brothers is lifelong. Even as they grow older and pursue separate paths in life, the connection remains strong. Overall, a brother’s love is a special and irreplaceable aspect of many people’s lives, offering companionship, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

On the special occasion of National Brother’s Day, let’s take a look at the list of popular creators who are also doting brothers. They play an important role in their siblings’ lives and aptly fit the tag of ‘Bade Bhaiya’.

Zaid Darbar  

Content creator and choreographer, son of renowned music director Ismail Darbar, Zaid Darbar is a doting brother to young sibling Awez Darbar. The duo, who are known for their dance moves, run a dancing academy in Mumbai called ‘B You’. Zaid, husband of actress Gauahar Khan, comes across as one of those brothers. Furthermore, who are quite affectionate and protective toward their younger ones.

Awez Darbar

Well, the way Zaid is for Awez, similarly Awez’s love for his sister Aman Darbar is unconditional. The brother-sister duo is irreparable. Awez, who is known for his down-to-earth and soft-spoken nature, shares a friend-like bond with Anam. Awez and Anam both are social media sensations and are famous for their engaging content.   

Abhishek Malhan

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan and his elder sibling Nishchay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan are quite popular YouTubers. Abhishek may be a ‘Chote bhaiya’ but comes across as more of a friend to Nishchay. They are together through thick and thin and are always there for each other.

Ayaan Zubair

Ayaan may be a younger brother to sister and actress Jannat Zubair but is quite protective and caring towards her. He has also walked in her sister’s footsteps and has made a big name in the television industry and social media. The brother-sister duo makes some amazing and relatable content on social media. Their Instagram photos are proof of their close bond. Moreover, we love how Ayaan is always on Jannat’s side, like an ideal brother.

Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu Kaushal and his brother Govind are known for making hilarious content that is loved by netizens and even Bollywood stars. Oftentimes being in the same field may lead to disagreement but they are always in sync and a perfect brother. In their case, it’s difficult to say who is more protective towards each other. However, who plays the role of ‘ideal brother’.

Ashish Chanchlani

Popular YouTube personality and content creator Ashish Chanchlani has a younger sister named Muskan who is a fashion content creator. Ashish and Muskan are one of those brother-sister duo who love unconditionally but also fight for pity things. However, Ashish comes across as a pillar of strength for his sister.

Keep up the same bonhomie guys!

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5 Fashion Stylists To Follow On Instagram



Fashion stylists-The Reel Stars

A stylist is a professional who curates looks for another person or a brand. They play a very crucial role as they are responsible for all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetic. Their job is to
create a wardrobe plan that includes key pieces and accessories, ensuring versatility and cohesiveness. Fashion stylists are in high demand by clothing brands and retailers to create visual merchandising displays, style mannequins, and curate outfits for store displays. However, appointing a fashion stylist may burn a hole in your pocket.But what if we tell you that you can achieve all the tips and tricks related to fashion and style free of cost?Well, there is a list of fashion stylists who are using social media platforms effectively to enhance your knowledge of fashion. Furthermore, The Reel Stars listing down a few female fashion stylists who regularly upload videos on Instagram to help people understand choice outfits according to their preferences, body types, and lifestyles, making them look and feel their best.

Ishita Saluja

Ishita Saluja, in a very short period, has earned a massive fan following on Instagram. She regularly posts outfit ideas, clothing hacks, and fashion tips which are game changers. She has 1 million followers on her Instagram, becoming one of the most followed fashion stylists on social media. We believe she can be your fashion saviour.

Jainee Gandhi

Jainee is a Certified Image Professional (CIP) from The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and has been working as a style curator, highly featured image consultant, and sustainable style advocate for over 10 years now. She has 225K followers on Instagram and often uploads videos where one can take tips on styling to boost body confidence and stand out in a crowd.

Tanistha Basu

Tanistha is one confident woman who never goes wrong with her tips and recommendations. However She has nearly 171k followers on Instagram where she regularly shares her fashion hacks and tips on matching colours and style mistakes that are “ruining” your outfits. She lives in Bangalore and is a MBA Finance graduate who found passion in the world of fashion.

Ria Dixit

However Ria’s guidelines can redefine your look in a way that flatters your body shape and reflects your personality. Furthermore You need guidance with your professional image, sprucing-up of your weekend wear. However, complete wardrobe makeover Ria’s Instagram account has got it all.

Moushumi Khara

However Moushumi is a fashion stylist who has a constant tab on current trends suggests mix- clothing items to create stylish outfits. Furthermore She engages with her followers by responding to their comments and questions. Following her social media account can provide great inspiration and insight into the world of high fashion and styling.

Well, we hope these fashion divas are now your saviour and help you notch your fashion quotient higher!

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