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What Would Our Desi Influencers Wear to Met Gala 2024?



met gala inspiration -the reel stars

First Monday in May. The MET GALA is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York every year on the first Monday in May. And we can’t be more excited!

The most awaited fashion event of the year that brings together a handful of globally famous personalities who are either invited by the hosts or, are willing to pay a hefty sum for a seat at this prestigious annual benefit.

It has always been the biggest night in Fashion & the hype reaches new heights every year thanks to the live coverage, takes on attendees’ looks by fashion experts & the posts by meme makers. Basically, a night that breaks the internet.

The theme this year for the MET is The Garden of Time.

While the simplest interpretation we can draw is all things floral, a burst of colours, hopefully, dramatic yet trendsetting makeup & all of it to be timeless.

If only we could get all our Desi influencers to walk that carpet too! But…Here are some of the ReelStars looks, which we think could be perfect (as per our interpretation) for the MET this year.

Diipa Büller-Khosla

Now where do we begin, this look on Diipa is absolutely perfect. The fit is amazing, the detailing is insane. Diipa (The Muse) & Rahul Mishra (The Couturist) are a match made in heaven or should we say match made in the Garden of Time.

A mini dress is something not everyone will opt for at the biggest fashion event of the year but it is all the more reason to show everyone how it is done & who is better than the one & only Diipa Khosla.

Sanjana Batra

Now some may argue that this is too subtle for the MET. We (Strongly) disagree. Classic is not everyone’s game. She is giving classic, old money, effortless & chic. It’s the little things in this ensemble, the makeup, the styling with the accessories it is all there & it makes a statement. 

The dress gives a vintage vibe with the flower detailing as a bow & then the heart on the shoe & match it with the pearl bag. Didn’t we say, it is all there? 

If this looks too comfortable for the MET, it’s ok, she will be the one dancing the night away while others are barely able to sit on their chair in their outfits.

Siddharth Batra

It is a tricky thing to style men for the MET. Most of them choose formal Suits & let the women shine. Others who try either look uncomfortable or the looks turn out to be more theatrical than the performances inside the gala.

If you ask us, it is not tricky actually. It is just not for everyone. But that’s the thing about style. It is individualistic. Either you have it or you don’t (or you just lack the eye for it) 

For men to do fashion & make it look masculine, one has to be comfortable with themselves. We love Siddharth Batra in this one.

This look is formal, yet dramatic. The pairing of the floral sari with the Bandhgala is unexpected and interesting. We love how this look could represent Indian silhouettes on a global platform. (Natasha Poonawala was a fashion goddess in a Sabyasachi Sari at the MET 2 years ago)

Someone has to do it & if this look can be taken as an inspo, you are home.

Alanna Pandey

As soon as the pictures of Alana & Ivor’s wedding festivities made it online. Everyone gasped (We are not assuming, we are sure, we all did) It was the definition of AESTHETIC.

This outfit on Alana is what dreams are made of. The hair & flowers & the subdued elegance it carries. We can go on and on. This look is the GARDEN of TIME (again, as per our interpretation).

Someone just put her on the MET carpet already.

The countdown has begun, and we cannot wait to see what the MET Monday will look like this year.

We along with Fashion enthusiasts across the globe will be hooked, scrolling & refreshing our feed. We cannot wait to see outfits inspired by the theme (& some memes (many) inspired by the outfits).

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Rahi Chadda Continues To Slay At Cannes 5th Year In A Row



rahi chadda at cannes film festival - the reel stars

The 77th Cannes Film Festival has officially begun. With each passing year, the globally recognized film festival is not only eyed by cine enthusiasts but has also, in a way, become the biggest fashion runway. The biggest brands across the globe mark their presence along with their ambassadors. Furthermore, the French Riviera acts as a perfect backdrop for designers. Moreover, muses to showcase brilliance through couture, hair, and makeup. Rahi Chadda, a recognizable name in the luxury segment, is a Cannes regular. He is the first brown male ambassador for DIOR Beauty.

There are some people who pioneer in carving a niche for themselves. However, taking it ahead to make a segment for a much wider audience to try. Rahi has been this person when it comes to fashion. The flair with which he carries every outfit that he wears only depicts how naturally it comes to him.

Here are some of Rahi’s looks from Cannes over the years that have stood out and showcased his fashion prowess:


Rahi Chadda walked the red carpet for the opening of Cannes this year. Moreover, he continued to slay hard with his fashion game.

Dressed in a monochromatic look by YSL, Rahi turned heads on the red carpet. The look styled by Alioune ( @aliounebf ) is polished, the glam (Dior Beauty) is on point, and the jewels (Damiani) are jaw-dropping. He continues to highlight inclusivity every time he attends global events.

For his second appearance, he is dressed in LUAR. This look works as he is attending the premiere of the Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga World movie. Besides, The look is suited for this crazy, edge-of-the seat kind of movie. (If only it delivers as hard as Rahi’s looks.)


Rocking red on a red carpet is not for everyone, but Rahi clearly knows what he is doing. Dressed in Homolog Paris, Rahi Chadda styled by Adele Cany (@adelecany) went all out to make this look the talking point. The suit with frill extensions and embellished detailing, matched with the standout neck piece. Furthermore, worked in sync for him, and he took it a notch higher with the hairdo. 

If there is something you will always find in his closet, it is flared pants. Furthermore, we were not surprised when Rahi chose this look by Roberto Cavalli. This would have been an easy pick for him.


You cannot go wrong with Maison Valentino. Rahi looked fresh and radiant in this all-white number. The sheer top with floral detailing is perfect for a day in the French Riviera. This look is understated yet impeccable.

After he gave the perfect day glam look, he stepped out with a perfect night look as well, dressed again in Maison Valentino. He captioned this look “We’re serving representation, inclusivity, and fashion,” and we couldn’t agree more. He owns this look hands down, and Asians across the globe would be elated. Besides, to have him be the face of Asians at the prestigious event.

Rahi is a Cannes regular now, and with his looks, we sense a pattern that is true to his aesthetics. However, He makes sure to give us one out-and-out chic look and one strong look. Both of which are buzzworthy, experimental, and portray his personal style. The pieces he wore depict his love for embroidery and textures. He loves to have fun with fashion and takes his part in representing the community very seriously. However, which shows in each of his appearances.

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Who Wore What at Cannes 2024 This Week? Creator Edition



cannes 2024 - the reel stars

The 2024 Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, and this year, the Indian creator contingent is making a serious splash. From fashionistas to comedians, these talented individuals are showcasing their unique styles and personalities on the world stage.

So, Who Wore What? We’ve Got The Deets!

Leading the pack is Ankush Bahuguna, brought his signature charm and fashion sense to Cannes in this Torani outfit. His “Ombre Brows” look is redefining masculinity in the beauty world. While his Instagram stories capture the glamorous red carpet moments, we recommend you follow his broadcast channel. That’s where he’s been revealing the hilarious behind-the-scenes chaos, reminding us that even celebrities get nervous (especially about tripping on the red carpet!).

Vishnu Kaushal, just made his debut at Cannes with the Brut India team. Vishnu, sporting a Rahul Mishra creation, is proof that the journey from making funny bedroom videos to slaying the red carpet in the French Riviera is possible.

Niharika NM, a triple threat with a background in makeup artistry, comedy, and acting, walks the Cannes red carpet for the third time this year. This popular creator even made her Hollywood debut in Netflix’s “Big Mouth” alongside Priyanka Chopra and Jordan Peele. And boy is she turning heads with her “lemon drop” Saafiya gown at the Riviera this week!

Rahi Chadda is a British-Indian fashion influencer based in London and this year he’s gracing the Cannes Film Festival yet again. Rahi, known for his collaborations with leading fashion houses like Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, brings his impeccable fashion sense to the red carpet.

Viraj Ghelani, the comedic genius behind viral content on platforms like Dice Media and FilterCopy, is sure to bring laughter to the Cannes carpet. Viraj’s infectious charm is a standout, further amplified by his stylish Alok & Harsh ensemble. Adding a cherry on top, Viraj even managed to meet Chris Hemsworth at a premiere!

Aastha Shah, a Mumbai-based content creator, is breaking barriers and redefining beauty standards at Cannes. Aastha, with her nearly one million followers, embodies inclusivity and representation for women with vitiligo on the red carpet. Her princessy gown by DOLLYJ, paired with a messy bun and subtle smoky eye, was the perfect way to kick off her Cannes debut.

Karishma Gangwal, also known as RJ Karishma, is another name lighting up the Cannes red carpet. Known for her off-screen elegance and on-screen humor, Karishma turned heads at the “Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga” premiere in a vibrant gown by Neharika by Nour.

So, which one’s your favourite this week?

These Indian creators are not only showcasing their talents on the international front but also proving that fashion, humor, and inclusivity can come together to create a truly captivating presence. The Cannes Film Festival is undoubtedly richer with their participation. While there might be some hits and misses with outfits, we love seeing our favourite Indian creators on the global stage!

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Influencers Who Slay The Stylish Mom Look!



masoom minawala pregnancy - the reel stars

“There’s no way I’m going to go shopping in the maternity aisle” said Rihanna when she got pregnant. She rocked some of her best looks showing off her baby bump. Post-baby delivery as well, Rihanna continued to slay in her fashion game. There’s still a lot of stigmas around how a to-be mom or new mom should dress up. Thanks to our ReelStars who have embraced motherhood recently & who are to-be moms, they are paving the way for making the mom’s life look stylish too. It doesn’t have to be a stereotype. Yes, it has to be functional & comfy but it doesn’t have to be uncool. With Mother’s Day around the corner, here are some of the ReelStars who are loved for their fashion game as they continue to serve the perfect “stylish mom look”.

Aayushi Bangur

If we had to categorise Aayushi’s style it would be comfy & chic, & not necessarily in the same order. Aayushi recently celebrated the 2nd birthday of her daughter and it is noticeable that she continues to stay chic. Besides, we love the matchy-matchy outfits of this mother-daughter duo.

Urmi Daga

Urmi is a true fashionista. Her Insta-feed is filled with pictures that can easily be a mood board for varied mom styles. Be it Desi Girl vibes or Pinteresty, she never disappoints.

 Alanna Pandey

If the WEST has the Kar-Jenners, we have Alanna when it comes to giving unmatched aesthetics. From her wedding to her pregnancy announcement, everything has been captured & made to mom look absolutely insta-worthy. She continues to globetrotter with her husband & continues to smash the maternity fashion scene. 

Natasha Luthra

She embraces her every curve & looks determined to give her followers multiple stylised options which they can opt for in their journey. From Suits to sequins to saris, she has donned everything with so much oomph.

The OG Desi International Influencer who doesn’t seem to catch a break, after strutting through fashion weeks. Furthermore, she toured for her new book launch “She’ll Never Make It” (Can’t wait to read it).

She recently announced she is expecting her 2nd baby & it should have come with a disclaimer. Moreover, because we are sure it is going to be a fashion-filled riot of looks. Some of her 1st pregnancy fashion looks are still unrivalled.

Mothers are all-rounder. Everyone around her has portrayed her like that & whether she wants it or not, she likes it or not, she goes with the flow of sticking to everyone’s expectations & pushes to be an all-rounder & almost every time she makes it happen & we (conveniently) believe it. She doesn’t have to. 

It’s 2024, and thanks to pop culture & influencers sharing their experience openly. However, the message is reaching a much wider audience that moms don’t have to do it all.

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